Treat Me Like a Dog: What Human Health Care Can Learn from Pet Care

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

When it comes to health care, who gets treated better—man or man’s best friend? Of course, it’s hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison when you’re comparing four-legged patients to people, and there are many ways in which human care tops pet care. But pet owners told there are some ways where it would be a step up to be treated like a dog. Pet owners like the convenience of animal care; they also like the client-focused atmosphere. “I think one of the things that human health care can learn from veterinary medicine is the client service side of things, the relationship side of things,” says Dr. Peter Weinstein, executive director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. Various reasons explain why people often find animal care so pleasant, says Weinstein. One reason—animal care workers love what they do. Another reason—competition. Weinstein notes that vets work hard to differentiate themselves from their competitors because “there are a large number of vet hospitals, many located very closely to one another.” And vets know even more competitors could emerge because less red tape makes it easier to open an animal hospital. Weinstein recalls opening his clinic, which offered everything from X-rays to operations: “I believe it was 12 weeks from the time I signed the lease to the time I saw my first client. Try doing that with human health care.” It would take at least 20 times as long to open a comparable human hospital in California. It can

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. hoppinglark
    | Reply

    I’m all for getting rid of taxes on wages.
    I was thinking about the difference between employers paying insurance companies and paying employees a benefit that would go into a FSA or HSA

  2. WAMill3R
    | Reply

    Four stooges sounds too benign. More like the four horsemen.

  3. WAMill3R
    | Reply

    When has forcibly banning competition EVER reduced prices? I think somebody turned up the bullshit meter.

    | Reply

    If you see a stray dog, you can call Animal Control and they come and pick up the dog. Or cat, or whatever. If you see a stray person diving in dumpsters and stuff, the filthy people I call them, you can call but no one cares. No one comes to get them, to help them.

  5. getnick77
    | Reply

    wow didn’t know about this con law stuff I’ll be contacting my congressman in the morning

  6. PEinHK
    | Reply

    Fuck Nixon, fuck that cracker at 3:55, and fuck every big government busybody out there.

  7. SonnyTheWhiteDwarf
    | Reply

    This is an absolutely fantastic idea for a video — and such good timing, too! Market forces sure would be good for humans, just as they are for pets.

  8. derfred123
    | Reply

    I agree. As time goes by more and more of Nixon’s policies are shown totally anti-free market. My question is why Reagan didn’t do away with it…

  9. robertmike57
    | Reply

    This is rather dumb, if you have a dog that dies, no one is questioning whether it got the right meds, enough meds ect. A mistake that’s made just gets buried.

    On the other hand, more med schools need to get opened to turn out more doctors, I’m damn sick and tired of these nasty stinky creepy Indian doctors pouring in when good americans could become doctors.

  10. gf1605
    | Reply

    I have to wait three months here in Canada every time I need to see my Rheumatologist for my autoimmune disease, which is at least once a year on a good year.

  11. JRHowosso
    | Reply

    Wait till the illegals find out that they can get free health care for their pets……….. That will shut down the vet hospitals….and drive up costs for paying pet owners….

  12. copperwaxwing
    | Reply

    5 stars favored..keep govenment out of our lives

  13. ExecutorJoe
    | Reply

    im in North Carolina, near Brenner’s children hospital, and a bit of a drive to Duke Hospital. Both great. Both some of the best in the US.

    BUT!!! thats it, no place to run too if i need something ASAP. unlike the Vet, which i can make in 15mins if i honestly drive like a bat out of hell.

    we need more local hospitals.

  14. ExecutorJoe
    | Reply

    kind of like heath insurance,

    3 of them are in NC. so its like the Gas price gouging. if we could use other insurances like we can do with our cars,(Cross State lines). it would = better prices

  15. welkinator
    | Reply

    While I agree with the point of view and parallel to human care plz note that almost all animal care costs are out of pocket. If your dog needs a heart/lung transplant YOU pay up front.

    This is triage-by-wallet; the very thing that upsets people now about the human health care industry and why it is all so expensive. We are demanding that all people (citizens at the moment but….) have access to ALL tests and ALL procedures REGARDLESS OF COSTS. This is the reason it is all so expensive.

  16. El3ctricPenguin
    | Reply

    Fuck Nixon.

  17. JimmyTheNerd
    | Reply

    Vet care is and always will be an out of pocket thing for the owner, never paid for or free. All you are trying to do is spread fear you ignorant bumpkin.

  18. JustBoredEnough
    | Reply

    When obama gets done pets will have more rights.

  19. rabidchevy
    | Reply

    reminds me of a discussion/argument i had with a liberal once. could not explain to her why drug cost are different between humans and animals when i tried to explain that you are purchasing “liability” with human drugs her eyes glazed over with wealth envy and “evil” corporations screwing people over.

  20. Ypipable
    | Reply

    Vets are groovy.

  21. Freethought42
    | Reply


    “have access to ALL tests and ALL procedures REGARDLESS OF COSTS. This is the reason it is all so expensive”

    So you are proposing that others be forced to pay for everyone’s services, regardless of cost they decide to charge?

    And you think this will lower prices?

  22. cybervore
    | Reply

    Ok, I actually like and approve of the idea behind this video…I have 2 dogs myself, and they are more precious than life to me…BUT…there is really no comparison here! Until obozo care, I had NEVER been refused or delayed for treatment…now, if I needed a hip replacement like either of my dogs…I would be lucky to find a doctor that was either competent enough or available enough to do it! Thanks to Obozo, our Doctors are leaving the US for more friendly shores!

  23. jethrodassam
    | Reply

    What’s up with this. I have 4 hospitals within 10 minutes of my house.

  24. Megabyxos
    | Reply

    Go old lady!

  25. cooperbry
    | Reply


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