Traveling With Rats

In this video, I talk about traveling with pet rats. Whether you need to take your rats to the vet or to move across country, traveling with rats is pretty much the same. I hope this helps you feel more confident about traveling with your ratties!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Me Myself & I says:

    Wouldn't the bar spacing on the cat carrier be to big

  2. annabel force says:

    can you travel with rats in a carrier and keep them in it for the weekend? because I go to my grandpas house all the time and stay the weekend.

  3. Sophie Wilson says:

    do you know what is the macimum length/time I should travel with my rats?

  4. Sophie Wilson says:

    Corey looks like my rat Luna but Luna is younger and smaller

  5. Do you/did you tend to use fleece or loose bedding in the carrier itself? I just gave my girls their own little no-sew blanket since I've been making them for christmas gifts anyway and I thought it might be okay to toss in the carrier.

  6. Animal Lover 336 says:

    Would my rats be fine on a 3 hour car ride thanks

  7. ashley maree says:

    So is it fine if I travel 20 minute trips twice a month?

  8. CCALEXIS TV says:

    I love your channel I'm trying to learn about rats and yours has helped the most:D

  9. if I can get a new one for me know if it is addressed

  10. what do we do if we go on vaca and cant bring our rats with us?

  11. kristina v says:

    I moved from NY to CA…with 2 rats oh my god. Was terrible! I definitely snuck them into hotels and stuff but geeze I felt so bad for them. >:(

  12. Karen Reis says:

    great video. love the suggestion.  I have been looking for a carrier and all the official rat ones just don't seem to be right.  I'll definitely be getting one of these.

  13. Evan Osser says:

    What if your going for a long time and you have a huge cage?

  14. EternalSlackers says:

    Hey nice video!! you should go checkout our video, we just recently made a channel , :D +Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel 

  15. Pet.Person 63 says:

    I love your laugh

  16. wow petco watches your vids 0_0 

  17. its sad that pippa got put down:(

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