Training Your Parrot to Step-Up

Learn how to train most parrot species to step onto your hand.
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Song: Easy Lemon – Nicolai Heidlas Music
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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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15 Responses

  1. Andrew Miller
    | Reply

    My bird is very good about stepping up out of, or off of the cage, but getting her to climb from one hand to the other is difficult. She likes to bite down hard when I present her with my other hand. Is there something I can do to encourage her to step up rather than bite down?

  2. Ocenite Gaming
    | Reply

    Our nanday is a sass, he will step up with my mom, but rarely with me. He knows exactly what we want, and even offering a treat he is just stubborn, and I don't know how to correct it

  3. Kylie M
    | Reply

    Hey, isn’t that Ari?😂

  4. Connor_Irwin 2506
    | Reply

    My green cheek runs straight to my hand but to bite and not to step up. although it’s rare she lets me tickle her sometimes

  5. Alexis Lowfall
    | Reply

    That bird is so stressed or sick. His feathers are split and he has black stress streaks

  6. Bambou Long
    | Reply

    What if your bird gets territorial went approches?

  7. - DJ Dino -
    | Reply

    Omg is that Ari from Jaiden animation

  8. Idkgirl07 Msp
    | Reply

    Tyyyyyyy ❤️ this is gonna help a lot…. My birds wings are clipped because of hitting walls and I need to let her out and I cant do that till I teach her step up

  9. HeyItsRitzy
    | Reply

    I have aids

  10. Jelly Dønut :3
    | Reply

    Ari is that you?

  11. hell inc.
    | Reply

    i cant even get my hand near them because my two budgies fly up to my curtains where i cant reach what do i do?

  12. Libby Cain
    | Reply

    My lovebird is impossible to tame. I've tried everything believe me. Haha. But that's okay I still love her and she's cool to look at.

  13. Levithian 2002
    | Reply

    Give back Ari!

  14. Voisch Ka
    | Reply

    My birds are not getting tamed

  15. Aira Shahi
    | Reply

    You are amazing. Please keep on making videos and in few months you will have millions of subscribers.

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