Training your ferrets : How to Teach your Ferret Fancy Tricks

How to teach your ferrets some fancy tricks such as ”stand up”, ”hi5”, ”shake paw”, and ”rollover” with Johnny & Cujo Cujo (the Marshall Black Roan M…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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36 Responses

  1. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    I think it’s pretty normal for a ferret to run everywhere lol
    They are forever kitten lol
    Very active and curious little carnivores

  2. Sammie Kelly
    | Reply

    What if your ferret just wants to run every where

  3. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    He is not an Albino, he is a Black Roan Mitt.
    He is hard of hearing, not deaf.
    If you speak clearly he comes to his name and such.
    Albino, Panda, Blaze .. ferrets with lots of white on their head are prone to deafness. 70% of them are believe to be deaf. It’s something called waardenburg syndrome. It is also seen in white cat with blue eyes.

  4. Annik Thomas
    | Reply


  5. fabulousgirls12
    | Reply

    whats in the tube

  6. Kel Kutter
    | Reply

    If your albino is hard of hearing and aren’t most of them deaf anyway? I’d use more visual commands and reward w/ a good pet when he responds b/c he probably can’t hear the good boy. I heard most albinos are completely deaf. idk why this is.

  7. Kel Kutter
    | Reply

    Ferrets are smarter than many give them credit for and word to the wise; as many know, ferret means THIEF derived from Latin. My ferret watches when I think she’s not-and she wants anything she sees me using daily and then is determined to get and HIDE it and is usually successful. She methodically planned and waited, jumped right into my pocketbook, grabbed my wallet w/her teeth and off she ran and placed in her 1 of MANY hiding spots. Watch your keys folks. Mine go on a hook!

  8. Maria Luisa
    | Reply

    They’re actually a d o r a b l e :’D

  9. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    In this video I was using FerretLax (because it was seasonal shedding). I usually use FerreTone, or FerretVite (in very minimal amount).
    It works wonder for ferrets that won’t take kibbles from your hand.

  10. CassD26
    | Reply

    What treats are you using? I can’t get my boy to take anything!! I’ve tried different brands and flavors as well as just plain boiled chicken and he won’t take any of it! I haven’t tried a paste or anything so I was just curious what that was. Thanks!

  11. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    Read the section on ferretuniverse website about ”is a ferret for you”
    They are high maintenance, and are pretty much like a kitten – so they get into everything ! Strongly suggested you to read Ferrets (Animal Planet Pet Care Library) by Vicky McKimmey and Ferrets for Dummies (2nd edition) by Kim Schilling
    Your parents have to make sure they can afford ferrets and you have to make sure you have time !

  12. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    HI Nick,
    Assuming you are in USA/Canada .. Ferrets’ lifespan is often 6-8 years. Aroung 3 years, they start experiencing disease and illnesses. Adrenal disease, Insulinoma, and Lymphoma are the 3 most popular disease (cancer) among ferrets. They need high quality grain free kibbles, and Duck Soup daily (there are tons of recipes on the internet). They preferably need a Ferret Nation cage or something similar as they need a cage to be safe when you can’t supervised them; but they ain’t caged pets

  13. Nick Loepker
    | Reply

    Hi I’m 15 and I was wanting to get two ferrets, my parents are still deciding, I’m wondering if it’s a good idea or not. I am completely dedicated to whatever it takes.

  14. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    About 5 minutes whenever I want to. I rarely do it once a week. I usually do it 5 minutes once every 2-3 weeks. If you have time to keep the training everyday, that would be ideal. But ferrets are super smart and don’t required repetitions like dogs. However, keep the session short (5 minutes) and make sure they understand the trick before moving to the next one

  15. Cyran Harrington
    | Reply

    About hoe many hours do you work with them daily to keep them up on these tricks?

  16. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    Thank you 🙂

  17. Lynn Therrien
    | Reply

    they are very cute

  18. McKenna Schmitt
    | Reply

    The trick is to wear them out before training, I’ve had hyperactive ferrets that learned tricks pretty well. Try waiting until after a long and tiring play session to teach Roy and use a treat he REALLY enjoys and make it a treat he ONLY gets when training. This works for my ADD puppy, too lol

  19. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    You can try .. never know ! But I remember my kits were not hyper to learn anything lol

  20. steciuffo91
    | Reply

    So, for the first year, the only things I can do are play with her and pamper her?

    (Thks for the advises)

  21. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    Cujo (the black roan mitt) is a ADD ferret too 😉
    Nothing is impossible ! Ferrets are smart 😉 🙂

  22. cookehNom
    | Reply

    I shall find you, and I shall steal your ferrets.

    They’re so freaking adorabubble! My ferret, Roy, is too hyperactive to stay still for a milisecond, let alone learn to roll over. Luckily, he knows how to sit. That’s all.
    So damn impressive xD

  23. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    I find the ideal age is 1+ year old. When they are kit/teenager, ferrets are too busy exploring their new environment and testing your limits. They are more ”mature” after 1 year and it’s easier to get their attention (at least for a minute or two) and teach them fancy tricks 🙂

  24. steciuffo91
    | Reply

    Next week I will receive my first ferret! She has a couple of months. At what age do you think I can start teaching her these tricks?

  25. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    Ranch ? Ranch sauce ? What I gave my ferrets in this video is FerretLax because they don’t like kibbles treat. Please use meat based products; stuff that are safe for ferrets as they are carnivores. It takes time with the rollover .. be patient

  26. TheHighflyingfox
    | Reply

    I couldn’t get my ferret to roll over :/ I used ranch because he likes it.
    Anyway, I put some on my finger and made him turn his head and body to get at it. He did it a few times, but after that he would just go back and like at it the easy way…
    Lazy bastard

  27. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    lol Did you try vaseline ? I was using FerretLax in this video because of seasonal shedding; trying to avoid hairball obstruction

  28. BigTheMidget
    | Reply

    No matter how hard I try I cant get mine to eat the sunscreen… picky bastard…

  29. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    Shake Paw and Hi5 are basically the same trick. Shake Paw you put your hand down; Hi5 you put your hand up. Once your ferret understand your hand is a target, he will try to touch your hand with his paw, no matter how you place your hand
    Hope it helps

  30. Kayla Apolinaris
    | Reply

    But how do you teach your ferret to do the paw?

  31. Kayla Apolinaris
    | Reply

    My ferret only learned rollover and stand up! Thank you 🙂

  32. Joanna Chang
    | Reply


  33. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    It’s called FerretLax
    You can buy it at pretty much any pet supply store.

  34. Joanna Chang
    | Reply

    wats tht treat thingy and wear do u buy it????

  35. Annik Thomas
    | Reply

    Thank you !
    I did not really know how to explain it any better. Hope it helps a bit 🙂

  36. BurntSugarz
    | Reply

    Such cutie pies 😀 Great video, very helpful tips.

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