Training Your Cat to the Exercise Wheel

Amberlee shows us two methods of cat training: treat and toy training.

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28 Responses

  1. jadex38
    | Reply

    I am thinking of getting a wheel for my cats for the winter time as they go much less outside but it does seem to require a lot of patience!!!

  2. brian longo
    | Reply

    :3 cute ate

  3. Yoalin Belauste
    | Reply

    how much is it?

  4. John Bright
    | Reply

    Anything pet control, this program is the best so far. I solemnly say this has been the best so far. The best so far, and I will recommend it to my friends looking for such solution [Details Here== ]. Awesome experience I must say.

  5. Wendy Domino
    | Reply

    thank you for the video explaining this. I am considering getting a cat wheel for my overweight kitty.

  6. Joseph03743
    | Reply

    She's great with her cats and the cats look so healthy and smart. I have a hard time understanding what she says. She talks too fast and seems to talk through her nose plus the room has echoes. I can understand about 1/3 of what she says.

  7. Chat Cat
    | Reply

    Oh, I'm a highly treat driven cat. Give me those treats and I will make them disappear then take a nap. Meow

  8. G Blake
    | Reply

    Unless you have NO room for cats to play these are expensive and stupid and a little dangerous. A lot of cats will get spooked and want nothing to do with it. Sometimes those who start using it hetflipped over or thrown off while it's going fast. They aren't hamsters in a cage.

  9. Randal Hewitt
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing. My cats each like different treats so it should be easy to train them. I had to smile when you laugh at your cat's behavior; mine are a constant source of amusement.

  10. Evelyn Pendall
    | Reply

    Those cats look like there dieing for treats, sorry but my precious Queen get what she wants when ever she want it period both all kinds of can/wet container foods. Variety of dry goods always available and treats like there going out of style. I love my cat she's my little daughter for over 10 years now she's my heart & soul
    I don't think treats or anything will get her to go when she'd been spoiled for so long. That looks like it would be such a challenge for an older cat that's wouldn't be anxious to get treats, I know she didn't respond or even come to me last time I called for her shaking a 9 oz treat bag when she hid in somewhere in our place.

  11. Sixpack Young
    | Reply

    I want to buy the cat trees in your video, where do you fine them?

  12. Jani Na Na
    | Reply

    Questionable high maintenance cost, dishonest promotion… Only four month after the warranty ran out my cat wheel fell apart (purchased it through a reseller). The thread on the screw/in the aluminum bar seamed to be worn down. Because I never disassembled it, I was very confused and wondered if it might be a (known?) manufacturing defect. However, the customer service explained to me that this are regular signs of wear and tear, not uncommon and it's just time to purchase replacement parts for nearly half of the price of the wheel. This just isn't an acceptable approach and I wish the company would be more honest about their low quality standard and professional expectations. This is a very disappointing experience. My cats loved it though. Now I have to think about how to dispose it. Yesterday it would have been five stars. Very frustrating…

  13. Marni Dunphy
    | Reply

    do you make your freezed dry chicken or do you buy it?

  14. Lady Dragonfly
    | Reply

    love the names of the cats. and Thank u for the instruction, thinking about getting one for my lazy ragdoll!

  15. LibertarianUSA1982
    | Reply

    Just put your cat outside and let it run around. problem sovled

  16. renegadebiker24
    | Reply

    I am thinking about getting one for my cats, but then maybe, eventually, hooking it up with a generator, along with solar power, and wind power, and I will then be not only solar and wind powered, but kitteh powered. 😀 I just wonder how much power can a cat generate when exercising on this wheel when hooked up to a generator, and if it would be powerful to generate enough electricity to power an all electric home. 😀

  17. Макс Е
    | Reply

    этой тете надо тоже на таком колесе побегать!!!!

  18. Jeremy Bretel
    | Reply

    Great demo – my two 'house-cats' wheel is on order from (UK supplier, who were very helpful) – I guess that the more effort you put in at the start of them using the wheel – the more enjoyment they will get further down the line – awesome product – many thanks! Jeremy. Guernsey / UK

  19. peter ellis
    | Reply

    i got two of them and one of my cats jumped right on and started running with out me getting him on, but for the other cat hes a little big but he will not go on it.

  20. RoseLaflesh
    | Reply

    I'm not sure my cat is either treat or toy driven. I'm pretty sure she's cuddle driven. She has little interest in treats. The only thing she seems to wonder when I'm holding the treat is why I'm not using my hand to pet her. She'll also walk up asking for pets when I'm trying to play with her unless it's a shoe string. If I'm using a shoe string she'll chase it until she's exhausted.

  21. Faerie Dragon
    | Reply

    Want one of these for my two bengals Arya (yes another game of thrones Bengal ) and Griffith just wondering how much space I would actually need to have one.

  22. Gameshark Gary
    | Reply

    these are some skinny cats.

  23. Kambria
    | Reply

    Dany & Drogo…. my heart lol <3

  24. annahfross
    | Reply

    I couldn't find how big the size is…

  25. Cecilie Blondin
    | Reply

    Why am I even watching this, my cat goes outside.

  26. Mewbits
    | Reply

    Our Cloe is both. Does anything for toys and treats. 😉 Can't wait to save up for a wheel. though I'm not sure it will fit in our tiny apartment.

  27. Kat Herder
    | Reply

    Okay! Got it put together quite easily, but it wants to wobble a little, and then rock if it goes faster. ? I used a level and everything. :'( A couple of them got on it and walked a little. I think they'll teach themselves.

  28. Kellymarie McColl-Beggs
    | Reply

    Did Drogo eventually get a treat? Poor love looked like he really wanted one! lll

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