Training Your Cat Is Easy With This Clever Method From Jackson Galaxy!

#MyCatFromHell | Saturdays at 8/7c
Jackson returns to Boulder to catch up with two kittens he helped transport on a 20-hour road trip. There, he helps young cat guardian Calvin.
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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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15 Responses

  1. Jackson Galaxy
    | Reply

    Man, what a blessing to be able to meet and teach the next generation of #TeamCatMojo 😀 Calvin here was doing great on his own already, too. 1) playing with your cats (they need active engagement for physical and emotional health) and 2) NOT presenting your hands as 'toys.' Is it any wonder that kittens who are given human hands to play with can end up becoming 'cats from hell'? They're simply continuing to do what they were taught: grab, bite, and swat at body parts. Don't do it. Play with your cats with TOYS, not hands.

  2. Kathy Hook
    | Reply

    Hi Jackson I have 2 very loving ginger cats not a problem they love me and my husband but when I get company they do a disappearing trick and go and hide so I don’t see them or any one else doesn’t see them they don’t like people coming around help what do I do I would love them to be with other people any tips that would help will be great thanks

  3. Chiara Nottie
    | Reply

    classical conditioning

  4. Nerdy Unicorn
    | Reply

    The little boy is soo cuteee and so are the kittenss

  5. FacheChanteDeux
    | Reply

    Thelma & Louise!

    | Reply

    jason is super fucking exited and the kid is just like: okay?

  7. hi its me :]
    | Reply

    i see kitten lady ❤❤

  8. Elli Miinalainen
    | Reply

    I just teach with treats. my cat is so tiny and growing so I don't have to not use clicker. and I love how happy she gets and excited when she hears treats. she learns new tricks in few minutes. Tho she can learn new ones only once a few months so that she doesn't mix up the tricks and commands. she does great with hand commands, but I wish she would eventually learn to do the tricks just by the command word. some tricks she does every now and then by the word.

  9. Fractal Universe
    | Reply

    Wow no one could deal with the truth I guess so I'll post it again. Cats are not inherently trainable. They do not care about pleasing their owner, they only learn if they want to. Keep deleting this and lying to people.

  10. Jimmie Carroll
    | Reply

    you Have got to see my video of BUGGER THE HARD WORKING DOG

  11. Tammy Lohf
    | Reply

    I'm thrilled to see Jackson take his time so show young children how to interact with the cats. It is so important to take the time to show children that cats are wonderful, marvelous souls!! Thank you sooo much!😻😻

  12. talknewz
    | Reply

    Little Macaque training a kitten lol

  13. MajCyric
    | Reply

    I never used clicker training with my 4 owners… They are all snap trained.. and know their names, always come when i call them.. Can be taken for walks without a lead.. They also know how to open doors (changed the handles to knobs).. Open cupboards.. Annoyingly flush the toilet over and over (placed large object on toilet tank)… And they all know "important" words, like "no", "naughty", "ham", "cookie", "salmon" and "outside"… But then i've also raised them all since birth and even watched as each one was born…

  14. Todomo
    | Reply

    I once trained my cat todo that if I call her name she runs to our swingset and I help her on the swing and push her and she hangs on

  15. irsute8833
    | Reply

    Your cat don't need to know tricks.

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