Training Tutorial | Target Training

I apologize for the quality of this video, I can’t use lights or spend too much time making sure things are exactly focused where they’re supposed to be since my focus needs to be on Newt while he’s new to the whole process!
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If you have any comments, questions or concerns please shoot them my way!

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15 Responses

  1. RayMondoART
    | Reply

    Thanks to this tutorial my lovebird now follows a blue ballpoint pen around! Im starting to think he actually enjoys this game especially since he gets a treat and praise afterwards ♡

  2. RYNBW
    | Reply

    My parrot would break the chop stick 😅 I’ve tried and she just broke it so I didn’t know what to do and what treat to give her

  3. TheWolfDiaries
    | Reply

    What do you feed Newt? I have a conure as well and I’m having trouble finding good food for her.

  4. Mr Jee
    | Reply

    Wow. I have had my cockatiels for about three months now and they still won´t freely be with me. If I take them out they get nervous and fly back to the cage. They dont seem afraid of my hand (especially) if I have food but I really want them to want to be with me.

  5. Doodle Bird
    | Reply

    wow, im so glad i found ur channel, u r the MOST helpful bird channel ever, so detailed. the tutorials r awesome!

  6. S Cox
    | Reply

    Is it beneficial for birds to see other birds training? I know with puppies they often learn from an older dog, so im wondering whether to have my birds watch each other or if this will make one jealous.

  7. Jasenka Mada
    | Reply

    Like your shirt:

  8. CatusBirb82
    | Reply

    I have a bird called cheeks it is a young hand raised cockatiel in the morning I'm gonna try and teach him that,he likes sunflower seeds I've only had him a day but he already likes me 😀

  9. Squishy World
    | Reply

    Can you make a video on getting over the fear of being bitten. (I have an African Grey)

  10. Charlotte Beck
    | Reply

    Hello, my name is Charlotte, and I have a bird named Tiki. He is curious, forgiving, adorable, young, and timid. This is the third day I've had him, and he is being such a good bird. He trusts my hand inside the cage and will eat millet from it. The only problem is that he has associated my hand with treats, and only thinks of it as a way to get food, not a perch or companion. Can you help give me a few tips so that my birdie will let me hold him? Thanks, Charlotte.

  11. Rexy Sa
    | Reply

    u so pretty

    | Reply

    How to stop a parrot from biting

  13. Zab New
    | Reply

    What type of bird is that?

  14. GanSe 024
    | Reply

    Now my parrot thinks my finger is a target 🙁 HELP !

  15. deputy sheriff
    | Reply

    Hello… I am new to birds. I have 2 budgies I wish to train. Both female. One is now 5 months old and I have had with me for 2 months . And the other is 5 weeks old and I have had with me for almost 2 weeks. My question is when target training are you using the clicker when the bird touches the stick? Are you saying “ Target” or any word(s) to indicate you want the bird to respond to a command? Thank you

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