Training Tutorial | Lay Down

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

22 Responses

  1. Carmen And Birb
    | Reply

    I can do it but he gets up when I get my top hand off

  2. Carmen And Birb
    | Reply

    When he lets go he flys AWAY,

  3. Crazy Sisters
    | Reply

    Which breed is that friend

  4. Shirley Andrade
    | Reply

    My bird is very skittish about my hand and she absolutely refuses to step up to come out of her cage

  5. Kaylie Griffin
    | Reply

    Plz make more videos!!! =3

  6. Camila & Delta
    | Reply

    Can you do a training tutorial on how to teach your bird how to hang?

  7. the Aisypa
    | Reply

    My parrot can't hovering

  8. xXDiamond WolfXx
    | Reply

    My bird won’t even tilt

  9. Vinayak Lokhare
    | Reply

    Which type of your bird ,what's a name of this bird

  10. poisonious Doni
    | Reply

    If I tilt my hand, my parakeet will just fall off because he has weak foot strength

  11. Wahid Hussain
    | Reply

    what bird is this

  12. Sarah Roddwn
    | Reply

    I was teaching my friends budgie this and when i tilted him he just climbed to the part he could stay up right so i had to do my hand on top first i only got him to do it twice but its a cute treat and I'm sure it works when u spend more time with him

  13. Chriatian Xavier
    | Reply

    Which breed?

  14. Nartistia
    | Reply

    Once your bird is able to lay in your hand like that, is it comfortable for them and they enjoy it, or do they do it just for a treat or because they have to?

  15. Ethan Duko
    | Reply

    I’m making my bird sleep on me 😀

    | Reply

    it is very hard to teach my bird to do tricks because whenever I try to show her anything new she flips out and I loose her trust, then when I try again she flys away even quicker because she knows what I am going to try to do. How do I show my bird that new things (for example putting her on a table) isn't something to be afraid of?

  17. Tanner Dickie
    | Reply

    Both my conures are ok with being tipped over and touched, it’s just letting go of me is what they don’t do.

  18. Kawaii Wolf
    | Reply

    Where do u buy the clicker thingy?

  19. Kawaii Wolf
    | Reply

    Is it easy to train budgies?

  20. RyleighsVideos
    | Reply

    Ummm… mine bites meee 🙁

  21. Emily Luevano
    | Reply

    Can you use these methods on a cockatiel?

  22. notintodo12
    | Reply

    Hi at what age should a bird be trained. I have a hand fed (i hand fed him since he was a month old) ringneck he is more than 2 months old.. he is not eating solid food yet though..

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