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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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16 Responses

  1. Tim Terhorst
    | Reply

    Such an amazing channel. I realy enjoy watching your videos, youre so knowledgeable 🙂

  2. Am not Fox :P
    | Reply

    Birds are the most intelligent animal. They learn pretty fast

  3. Lesli Ramos
    | Reply

    Thanks! I've been practicing for a week and my lovebird has been making very good progress! Thank you so much!😊😄🐦

  4. Their Own Channel
    | Reply


  5. Greg Royale
    | Reply

    Iam scard if my parrot swallow the stick

  6. DrinkOrDie
    | Reply

    I was so carried away from the cute bird that i didnt notice how cute u are yourself wow..

  7. ღYasmin Ali Starღ
    | Reply

    I will try and do it with Sunshine 😀

  8. Farhan Ashiq
    | Reply

    You should go to the British Got Talent show!! Hats off!

  9. Fatima Laraib
    | Reply

    your bird is super smart

  10. Madison Guild
    | Reply

    What is a clicker? link please?

  11. Sanjeewa Pitiyagedara
    | Reply

    How can we train them to pick up the object

  12. Slippy Slap
    | Reply

    Can you do this with cockatiels

  13. Sawyer Anglin
    | Reply

    what is the kind of treats u use

    | Reply

    That's so cuuuttteee

  15. Quinn TheCat
    | Reply

    Flock talk! Best YouTuber ever!! I love your videos! My 1 YouTuber!!

  16. K25 STUDIOS
    | Reply

    What do u treat the bird 🐦 with?

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