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I frequently give step by steps processes on how to train tricks but I’ve never really explained some of the finer details that go in to being able to successfully train a bird. Being able to properly utilize a variety of skills is necessary to have the most successful training session possible.
There’s a few things I did leave out which I may make a part two on later but for now here’s some important things to consider when starting your bird on the right track to training.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns please shoot them my way!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Aldezo Brown says:

    Is it okay if I make a bell that means incorrect so they can try harder

  2. Aldezo Brown says:

    Wow your an expert

  3. Greta Stamm says:

    Will be getting a Parrotlet soon & wanted to know how to introduce them to each other. My cat (Harley) is 8 yrs old. Are there any suggestions on this issue?

  4. Is it hard to get wet bird poo out of the carpet? If so, is there a product you can by?

  5. BudgieGirl2 says:

    My mums a dog trainer so I grew up training dogs. (I’ve got 7 budgies and an Indian ringneck) everything you’ve explained, minus the words for some things is the exact same, training transfers over to all, and if you apply these methods to any animal it’ll work. When you talked about clicker recognition, in dog training we call it “charging” the item, like with a crate, harness, anything new you want the dog to associate with a good thing. Also dogs are the same when you talk about not everything having to be about food, I’ve found food to be useless in a lot of situations, and one that definitely crosses over to birds, is if they’re scared or aggressive.. food will do nothing in those situations. My dog is pretty well rounded.. maybe loves and licks a little to hard 😂 , but food does hardly anything outside, I only use it in the house, but a ball, omg she’ll do anything for you, she also loves human attention, and that’s her favourite reward, making people happy. I’ve noticed my IRN will take or leave a treat, she much prefers little toys and trinkets or anything to destroy, and even q-tips, that’s why it’s so important you build a bond and know any animal before you start training, you need to know what they love or you’re already setting them up to fail. And a phrase that I’m sure all trainers love is “any error in training is a human error”

  6. Sophia Begins says:

    Can you make a video of how to make a bird stop biting ??

  7. Unicorn Poop says:


  8. Yong Kao Chen says:

    Can you click a pen, or cluck your tongue?

  9. You seem so good at taking care of your birds! Could I please request a video on how to make a bird like being pet? My green cheek conure trusts me enough to sit on my hand but he won’t let me pet him :( Whenever I move my finger closer to his head, he fly away, try to bite me (but not too hard) or steps up on it. His previous owner told me he wasn’t completely tame and hadn’t been handled very much and I really wish to change that. Any tips will be appreciated! :)

  10. chad wild clay advice says:

    I will not punish my parrot

  11. Jaebum's strawberry milk shake says:

    Your hair keeps distracting me. It's so beautiful

  12. Excuse me, should we let the birds hungry for a while before we start training?
    Because when my birds are not hungry, they often ignore my instructions, and only when they feel hungry will they care

  13. Ibrahim Aslanbay says:

    200th comment

  14. Kristyna Kostalova says:

    Please help

  15. Kristyna Kostalova says:

    Hi I need tip from you I have got parrotlet it’s girl she is 7 months old I got her 1 month and she don’t want to fly from cage…. please help me what to doo. I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with her

  16. Sons_Of_Durin /WingedIceWolf/ says:

    I don't know if you noticed but you got bird poo in your hair. :3

  17. Horse Jumper505 says:

    My Quaker parrot hates the clicker that I have. Every time I click it she attacks it.What should I do?????

  18. Montana Fishing says:

    Love your videos! New subscriber!! Thank you for sharing! Jesus loves you!

  19. To the people asking about if you can use a pen instead of a clicker, yes you can I clicked trained my cat with a pen and a chopstick (for targeting) but an actual clicker is probably better. To answer your question yes but it's probably best as a temporary solution as you can't fit it in your hand as well and if you use a click pen around your pet then they will think it's training time or expect a treat!

  20. Green Star says:

    What is a healthy diet I can bye

  21. Wendy Cunningham says:

    please help me,  my  parrolet is untammable

  22. I got a green parrotlet today. He is not very tame but let’s me put her on her back. Her name is kiwi. I got inspired to get her from you. I will train her and make her so tame. Keep going flock tal, my girl!

  23. superblinkyz says:

    Sometimes my budgies mimics the clicking noise of my clicker to try and get treats. its so adorable!

  24. EpicGamer123 HD says:

    What if your untamed very angry,biting,hissing cockatiel won’t listen or learn what do I do. I cant take it out of my cage because I am scared it won’t go back in I need help. I have been talking to my bird and telling it story’s and it looks calm but when I put my hand in the cage it will turn into a raptor. Please help me or answer my question. U have been the most helpful YouTuber about birds as you say the truth. Some lie and say they tame a wild bird in 1 day. I trust you thanks 🕊

  25. Grinder Deluxe says:

    can you make a video about taming a bird

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