Training The Spanish Walk – Dressage Mastery TV Ep 157

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Welcome to this weeks lesson! Today Natasha shares with you the awesomely fun trick of the Spanish Walk!

You’ll love all the learnings from this video. It’s a great lesson!

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We hope you enjoy this video and learn lots from this lesson.

Until next week, happy and safe riding 🙂

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27 Responses

  1. Chiron Cayla Phillips
    | Reply

    He is so cute

  2. nattilovesgreys
    | Reply

    Awww I love to see this side of you Tash!! ☺️ I would love if you could do some more videos on teaching tricks if you have time 😍

  3. ShadeTreeStables
    | Reply

    I have trained my horse to bow as well, and am currently working on perfecting the Spanish walk on my channel! Thanks for the positivity! I love your videos!

  4. Fanni Szentpéteri
    | Reply

    wow it is probably soo fun to try and eat with your mouth closed shut………..

  5. Elizabeth English Teacher
    | Reply

    I live and ride as often as I can in Spain. I found a wonderful little school just outside of Madrid and my instructor lets me do this with her horses, you should have seen my face the first time I was on an Andalusian …. bliss <3 here is a link to a photo of me on sonajero doing the Spanish walk

  6. Ryan Dailey
    | Reply

    I know this horse and it is the same breed as Ollie I I want it so bad

  7. Anna Kunkeler
    | Reply

    How much time was between the first and second part? Or was it a different horse? 🙂

  8. TumbelinaNZL
    | Reply

    Do you do a little Monty Roberts horse whispering kind of connecting exercises?

  9. Tilly Eq
    | Reply

    *off topic* i just got a new mare. I had my first ride alone with her today & she was being really cheeky. she threw her head, bucked & bolted at the corners. Has anyone for tips to help me feel in controll or good videos to watch? Thanks.

  10. Georgina Wheller
    | Reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS VIDEO. I feel like it really showed that you can be silly and have fun and I think it really showed tash's personality too!!

  11. Teresa Wort
    | Reply

    this is where my horse is at in his Spanish walk. How do you get the horse to Spanish walk from the saddle.

  12. Suzie White
    | Reply

    Was it Jorrit doing the second spanish walk? It looked incredible! btw, loved the video

  13. Niedopasowanie Zaszyte życiem
    | Reply

    What saddle is it?

  14. Loren Zeman
    | Reply

    One way to avoid the persistent offering of a trick is to teach them an "all done" signal that lets them know the training session is over. I usually do this by crossing my arms in front of my chest, saying "all done" and giving them a "jackpot" like a handful of treats. Of course, I tend to use hay pellets or carrots rather than licorice, so giving them a handful is less of an issue.

  15. Kimberley Bartlett
    | Reply

    could you do more ground work lessons? im not riding at the moment so i really enjoy those types!

  16. Lisa -Marie
    | Reply

    tricks are great to build a rekationship

  17. Shaurya Shubham
    | Reply

    not meaning to insult,but is yr left leg prosthetic

  18. Emma Bowyer
    | Reply

    You haven't done a fearless Friday in ages!!!!!!! Please film one

  19. vivieta mihmih
    | Reply

    Hi, when do you expect new web? 🙂 is there also part how to teach horses different exercises?

  20. Fay Mace
    | Reply

    More videos like this pleaseeee love it

  21. Anastasia Papazaxaria
    | Reply

    How do you train piaf and passage?I would really like to know!!

  22. Sarah Kennedy
    | Reply

    So great to see beautiful Jorrit in a video!!

  23. Emily Martin
    | Reply

    When I heard you say Youri I got so excited because I ride a Friesian named Youri!!

  24. Riley McDaniel
    | Reply

    I love how you say "dressage" 😀

  25. Stevie Gallagher
    | Reply

    I love all of your videos, they have helped me so much with my riding! Thank you! Xx

  26. Kjequine_
    | Reply

    How to train the bow!

  27. Gianna Tabbitas
    | Reply

    I'm about 5'5 and I'm thinking about getting a Friesian but they usually are 16 hh plus. I love this breed but I'm not sure if they will be a bit to big for me. Any opinions?

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