Training budgies – flying to your hand

1. Feed your budgies treats behind the bars. 2. Feed them treats, with your hand inside the cage 3. More treats, outside the cage. 4. Soon the birds trust you enough, to actually fly to your…

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16 Responses

  1. Nuzhat Yousuf
    | Reply

    Hey! How can I stop my bird from flying everywhere? :)

  2. Laurence Encarguez
    | Reply

    Hey what’s the food there eating

  3. Aweselot
    | Reply

    You have to gain his trust by talking to him and hand feeding him and also
    when u first get him leave him alone for 3-4 days that start what I just
    said hop this helped !

  4. ultrajuancraftextreme oliver
    | Reply

    wat wer you feding them ? or wat food can atract them to fly to your hand

  5. Hiccup Sierra
    | Reply

    rio 3 parakeets lol

  6. ABZee
    | Reply

    I tamed my bird and she loves kisses from me! She also says “get me outta
    here” when I come next to the cage. So I just put my finger inside the cage
    and she steps on.

  7. uchiha obito
    | Reply

    waauw they are beautifull <3

  8. kaleb kohring
    | Reply

    that movie tought my bird to do the alarm clock sound, i have forever
    regretted leaving that movie on 

  9. TALIBAN699
    | Reply

    I just found a stray Budgie outside of my house, we took him in and we feed
    him a piece of bread Cuz we couldn’t buy bird food yet, i decided to name
    him Baby because heso small, i luv my little Baby! <3

    | Reply

    Did you train both of these birds at the same time? I have two and the baby
    boy is learning fast but the older girl is not. Typical, but can I still
    train them to fly to me with two?

  11. 57stuey
    | Reply

    are they english or american?

  12. Edgar Antonio Lara Lopez
    | Reply

    They look Hungry….. :p xD

  13. Rendi Joie
    | Reply

    Shes watching rio hahaha

  14. Ajit Vikram Bhargava
    | Reply


  15. Robert H
    | Reply

    You have really beautiful birds, and I was wondering where you got the blue

  16. blue boy
    | Reply

    I get it rio and birds

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