Training a Deaf Ferret to Come

This video is dedicated entirely to teaching a deaf ferret to come when called. I’ve touched on how to do this some in other videos, but I wanted to go into …

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22 Responses

  1. weezlemum
    | Reply

    I am so glad I found this video. I’ve recently rescued my first deafie.
    Now to get started on training her to come when called. 

  2. Hailey Wheatcraft
    | Reply

    I just got my first ferret, Dani 2 days ago and while I was cleaning the
    room she stays in I noticed she didn’t wake up while I vacuumed or cleaned
    out the bottom of her cage. So I’m positive she is deaf. Once I found this
    out I looked up ways to teacher her things. I found your videos and I was
    so relieved to see that you have has successes with training a deaf ferret.
    I hope you make more videos for deaf ferrets in the future and I wish the
    best for you and Joey. :)

  3. Happyhammy Ferrets
    | Reply

    How could I train a deef ferret if I live in a appartment and my nabors
    below bang on our floor when we even walk across it

  4. Taye Mcnea
    | Reply

    ps. she doesn’t like the boiled chicken we tried and only likes the dark
    colored treat in the bag we have which only come with about 20 dark and 300
    light brown ones. she’s picky 

  5. Taye Mcnea
    | Reply

    hey courtney can you post more deaf ferret videos my 3 month old jaxx is
    very responsive to the clicker but we recently found out that my 8 month
    old jemma is deaf and I’m sort of lost of how to train her.

  6. Callie Jet
    | Reply

    I have two ferrets now and my white ferret is deaf. My vet said that
    deafness is common in white ferrets with black eyes

  7. Sara Pressler
    | Reply

    I got my first ferret Jalapeno few years ago, I didn’t even know he was
    deaf until a month or so after I got him, I felt horrible. I had bought
    everything from clickers and jingle toys for him. I couldn’t find anything
    about deaf ferrets back then so it was a learning experience for both of
    us, I taught Jalapeno to come by flickering my hall lights. Every night
    when I got home that was how I greeted him. Later on I got Peanut my second
    ferret. I have actually found it to be more difficult to train my hearing
    ferret Peanut, over my deaf ferret Jalapeno.

  8. finleytheferret
    | Reply

    Joey is such a big, healthy looking boy. Do you have any videos discussing
    what you feed him? 🙂

  9. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Yes – I do plan to make more videos on training deaf ferrets :O)

  10. evpointfinder
    | Reply

    They are so cute…but I went to the store and the smell of urine was so
    bad I couldn’t stand it. How can you stand their smell.

  11. Ev S
    | Reply

    Congratulations you have 2000 subscribers

  12. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    no, but I plan on doing one about it soon!

  13. @ModestEdits (EN Co-Leader)
    | Reply

    My Ferret is getting really fat. what is the normal amount of food we
    should give to our ferrets? (i feed my ferret marshal ferret food)

  14. MrBooboonator
    | Reply

    only one of my ferrets like treats the others not so much, ive tried
    chicken ive tried bandit treats and hard treats….. no luck lol

  15. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Yes, that is true. Some take more training than others, but it can be done.
    Maybe your mom should watch some Joey videos! :O)

  16. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Honestly, a ferret may not be the best pet to have since you have the
    hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, & chickens. While I don’t agree they’re scary,
    they are predators. I wouldn’t want the ferret to harm the other animals
    out of instinct. Ferrets are typically better paired with cats and some
    dogs(depending on the breed and temperament)

  17. Alisha M.
    | Reply

    i really want a ferret but my mom doesn’t want one because she thinks
    they’re scary and that he will bite our dog and cats (we also have a
    hamster, rabit, guinea pig and chickens, do ferrets leave them alone?)

  18. Alisha M.
    | Reply

    Yeah I’ve seen videos of people feeding them rabbits and stuff. But the
    rabbit, guinea pig and chickens are outside. So it’s more a problem for the
    hamster. Oh my mom also thinks they bite a lot, and I tell her that you can
    train them to not bite, that’s true right?

  19. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    As with any animal, the smell can often be attributed to how well cared for
    the pet is. The pet store probably had several ferrets all together and
    most likely hadn’t cleaned their litter recently. With Joey, I am sure to
    clean his litter twice/day, I wash his bedding weekly, and he is altered
    which helps tremendously. He does have a slight smell to him, but nothing
    overwhelming that would knock people out like a urine stench.

  20. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Ferrets should always have food available to them because they have such
    fast metabolisms. When the seasons change and we start going into the fall,
    ferrets will start to eat more for the winter. You might want to consider
    switching off of marshalls food slowly. The best resource for types of
    kibble is on the “More Dooks Ferret Food Chart” Please google that so you
    can learn about the best(&worst) types of kibble out there. If you are
    still concerned about his weight please see your vet.

  21. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Have you seen my video on treats?

  22. BlahBlahBlah41074
    | Reply

    Do you think you could do more deaf ferret videos? I have a deaf ferret but
    i’m not sure how to go about training him to do tricks and stuff. If you
    could that would be awesome 🙂

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