Train your Scared or Aggressive Parrot to Step Up

Does your parrot bite your hands when you ask him to step up? Or perhaps your parrot is afraid of your hands and doesnt seem to trust you. For years people have been told their birds must obey…

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31 Responses

  1. Crafty creative
    | Reply

    That wasn’t a video it was a like website 

  2. Crafty creative
    | Reply

    I meant like a website

  3. Caitlin Bird
    | Reply

    Why so many down votes? These people be crazy!

  4. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    I am sorry to hear that. But it is fixable. Go to my FAQ page on my website
    (goodbirdinc) You will see a blue box on the top left hand side. Click
    there and you will see a question about a scared parrot and what to do.

  5. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    There is a TON of free stuff on my website, blog and here on youtube.
    Please check them out and I hope in the future you will be able to purchase
    a product as they are super comprehensive resources. I put a lot of work
    and my years of expertise into them to help people address their parrot
    behavior problems. They really are great resources and worth the investment
    ; )

  6. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    check my FAQ page for behavior problems on my website. It has info and
    resources to help you build trust with your parrot. youtube wont let me
    post the link here but it is in the text above for the video clip.

  7. ALiENxXTC
    | Reply

    ohh i bought a ‘Green parrot’ yesterday,.. it was realy gentle but i kept
    annoying him today and now he keeps biting =|

  8. TheHakni
    | Reply

    hey barbara, i just recently bought and 13 months year old ringneck, abt 3
    days ago, but it’s really scared of me and doesnt take anything at all from
    me and starts to flee if im less than a metre close to her, even in the
    cage, i think the reason is because her previous owner clippped some blood
    feathers too, i bought the how to step up ebook, didnt exactly answer
    that… is there any hope for me at all?? 🙁 – a very concerned sad owner,
    what do i doo?

  9. Al-Waleed Shammari
    | Reply

    do i also have to persace the ebook or i can find it in one of your dvd’s ?
    btw please check your youtube inbox 🙂

  10. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    Go to my website. I have a FAQ page for parrot behavior problems. The link
    is on the top left side in the blue box. Youtube wont let me post the link
    here : ( It has lots of resources for you. I also just posted a blog on
    fear responses in parrots. The link to the blog is also on the website.

  11. jn5722
    | Reply

    I had once trained my parakeets to stand on my hand but then my brother
    scared them and now my parakeets is scared of me what should I do

  12. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    @virussful check out my blog on training treats. Go to my website Good Bird
    Inc, click on blog, then enter “training diet” in the search bar. youtube
    wont let me post the url here.

  13. FuMMoD
    | Reply


  14. Benny Jenny
    | Reply

    i dont get y dogs and cats r more popular pets than birds???

  15. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    @JessLuvsLee Definitely visit my website. On the home page on the top left
    side is a link to FAQ about parrot behavior problems. It will direct you to
    some resources to help get you started. You can definitely make progress,
    especially since she is willing to take some treats. It will just require
    some training with positive reinforcement with an emphasis on small

  16. FuMMoD
    | Reply

    I have a Cuban parrot that is a few months old but she is feisty. She won’t
    let me grab her like this. How do I tame her? She absolutely adores me and
    follows me like a dog but refuses to let me grab her. Thanks!

  17. ram najem
    | Reply

    Wha do parrots have for treats plz reply

  18. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    @jjimcooboy409 nutriberries are a bit big. Be sure to break them up into
    small pieces for training. Hope that helps!

  19. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    it sounds like first you need to identify reinforcers for this bird and
    perhaps look at motivation. Look through my youtube videos for the one on
    Tips for creating motivation and also on my blog. You can find the link to
    the blog on my website. Then type training diet into the search bar on the
    right hand side

  20. Jess Johnston
    | Reply

    Hi barbara i need some advise off you 6 mths ago i bought a 12week old
    indian ringneck parakeet as a aviary bird. She is terrified off my hands
    she goes to bite me when i take her food and water out of her cage to
    change it she will step up but only onto us with a glove on she will take
    food from us aswell but wont let me touch her at all or go near her she
    will fly down to me and sit on me but only when ive got food and she thinks
    its hers i dont no what to do with her i need help!!!

    | Reply

    Barbara this real does sound like it would help but i am only a student and
    it is hard to have some money aside the money i have works out perfectly so
    my birdy and me can live comfortably and spending anything apart from the
    stuff that we really need is hard and spending $25 is tough :/ do you have
    anything that helps that wont cost me that much ?

  22. thmsdevon43
    | Reply

    birds hate being grabed

  23. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    I am sorry to hear that. But it is fixable. Go to my FAQ page on my website
    (goodbirdinc) You will see a blue box on the top left hand side. Click
    there and you will see a question about a scared parrot and what to do.

  24. Baderocks2
    | Reply

    why should we buy that book … why dont you just show us how to train your
    parrot not to be scared of you in your vid … seriously..

  25. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply


  26. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    Yes, there will be : ) This is just an additional product that allows for
    more focused topics to meet people’s parrot training needs.

  27. MisGrudge
    | Reply

    Hello. I really need help. I have my bird almost a year and she is sooo
    afraid of me. She bites me really hard and i can’t tame her. Please help!!!!

  28. luigiturok53
    | Reply

    @virussful they like to have a stick thingy called millet cockatiels like
    this alot but i think other parrots like it too they also like fruits and
    vegtables(but mainly fruit) and they also like various nuts. if you are
    trying to train your parrot use these foods as a reward so he/she will
    always want to do the requested thing you want him/her to do. only give
    them the treat if they do the right thing.

  29. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    @jjimcooboy409 I am thinking you mean millet? Yes if the bird does like
    millet you can use that as a reinforcer. However different birds like
    different things. You will need to observe your parrot and take note of his
    favorite foods and use them to reward desired behavior.

  30. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    @baderocks2 Hi there….i actually have lots of free stuff that shows you
    how to train parrots : ) just sign up for the mailing list, check my other
    you tube vids and my blog. I hope you will check them out.

  31. Caitlin Bird
    | Reply

    So there will be no CD books eh?

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