Train Your Parrot to Talk DVD Preview

Train Your Parrot To Talk DVD and CD ROM By Barbara Heidenreich Good Bird Inc In this DVD professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich teaches you how to …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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11 Responses

  1. Popopicos
    | Reply

    Nice buttt lol xD

  2. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    US is usually about $5. International is $8.50 for one DVD. It increases by a little bit with each item added to the order.

  3. greatnabo
    | Reply

    hey how much do u take for shipping your DVDs

  4. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    we take paypal too. send us a message via the good bird inc website with your order details and we can invoice through paypal.

  5. greatnabo
    | Reply

    barbara i need your help
    is there a way to buy your DVD without a credit card?

  6. Rob Wilkes
    | Reply

    i wish mine would talk

  7. Barbara Heidenreich
    | Reply

    That is only if you reinforce screaming. If you reinforce talking, that is what the bird will offer. It is how positive reinforcement works : ) What is reinforced is repeated what is not extinguishes itself. I have a nice article on how to address screaming for attention on my website. Go to my FAQ page for behavior problems.

  8. cjocd
    | Reply

    its not recomanded to talk to a bird from another room because he wil ends up screaming while you not there…so anoying and then he is put for adoption…

  9. tonythex1
    | Reply

    Poor you and poor parrot :(

  10. DimaSultanov1
    | Reply

    hmm.. nice parrot i wish i had 1 like that yeah i got my own parrot but hes lazy… and dont talking or singing affter hes girl friend died and hes kids….

  11. Einstein Parrot
    | Reply

    Delbert is such a cutie!!! So excited! Can’t wait to see the DVD!

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