Train your own ATTACK dog!!! for beginners

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any actions by you ot your dog. In this video i show how begginers can start doing bitework with their dog. However if you are going to do this i siggest you do your research and possibly contact a local dog trainer in your area.

WARNING: This is not where a dog’s training ends this is only a way to START bite work. If you post dumb comments about how my dog isn’t probably trained or that you always have to train with a second person I will not respond to your ignorance.

with that said…In this video we take a look at a beginner’s technique on how you can train your own dog to bite on command or attack on command. Dogs can be mans best friend but they can also be a deadly tool when trained correctly!

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30 Responses

  1. Kaleb McCarley
    | Reply

    So if I train my German Shepard to be a guard dog, when someone like breaks into my house or attempt to will the dog automatically start like attacking him and defending the place or will I have to give the command to attack or whatever the command is to attack someone? What I’m saying is will the dog attack the person on it’s own (if there a threat) without me having to give a command

  2. Tracey
    | Reply

    Not good for the agitator to be the same person to command off. There’s a reason 2 ppl required.

  3. Ghosty Gamer
    | Reply

    NICE Video !!

  4. Michael Weber
    | Reply

    People should know that they need a certain kind of dog to train most Spitz type dogs don't do well with this type training because they are free thinking dogs with specific instincts built in over the thousands of years for example if I train my Akita to do this I will truly have a dangerous dog a dog that I will probably have to put down because it will just be out of control biting anyone who comes near it.
    I have akitas because they have this built into their nature no training required.
    Best bet for people research your dogs and get a dog that best suits your needs
    Don't get an Akita cause it's cute.
    I love German Shepherds but I needed a dog to protect my wife while I work long hours and my brother had three and none of them would protect as a matter of fact the literally run and hide 😂 so I got akitas a dog that can think on its own in bad situations
    Point is if you need a personal protection dog do research and buy a breed that will do it or get your dog trained by a pro don't do it yourself because if you do anything wrong you will get hurt and the dog will die get put down

  5. maheswari balla
    | Reply

    My dog is russian black Labrador he bigger in size.. he bites the people who comes to my house help me to control my dog

    | Reply

    I love every animal .

  7. Ulfhedinn Norsk
    | Reply

    My dog only shows his teeth (smile) when he is guilty of getting in trash 😁

  8. smorz
    | Reply

    I have an Akita Wolf dog his name is zeus and his attack word is murder

  9. 66toogy
    | Reply

    This guy is a "um".a "um".. "um"… BITCHBOY. What kind of an asshole would suggest training a dog for bite work, without atleast discussing obedience training first?… Oh yea, a fucking KID that has no clue what he's talking about. And to make it even more amatuer, he uses schutzhund terms completely wrong and with embarrassing pronunciation. Again, a rank amatuer fuckwit. Is that a jesus cross he's poppin'? LmFao! Twink fuckwit, that is.

  10. RedleyGamingYT
    | Reply

    Will this work on a Blue Healer that has a little Dalmatian in it?

  11. manav gohel
    | Reply

    Can I do this with a Scottish terrier

  12. DuncanFarms& Racing
    | Reply

    Why do people who admit to not being an expert feel it's a good idea to make a video on the subject they now little about. Training a dog in German doesn't mean your a great trainer

  13. Vivek Chaubey
    | Reply

    By this training can i make my labrador aggressive
    Plz reply soon 🙄🙄

  14. Chilli Dango
    | Reply

    And one day the dog will bite his balls

  15. summer powell
    | Reply

    My Anatolian shepherd is very protective so I think I can train him to protect

  16. Kaitlyn Lindke
    | Reply

    My dogs name is Tritan also

  17. MaHaTi 77
    | Reply

    Oh Brother…those of you watching this. NEVER NEVER NEVER let your dog associate bite work and yourself or your family! It can be a fatal mistake. Always have someone your dog does not know be the decoy. You are right Sir. You are NO expert in this field.

  18. RealDowdy
    | Reply

    I googled bite in german and its not what you said its beißen

  19. Tarrick Jackson
    | Reply

    Be careful on your presentation; you’re hiding your head behind your sleeve which is extremely dangerous. I would also recommend staying calm when giving the command especially if you do send your dog for a bite; he’ll be feeding off your energy & that could potentially make it difficult for you to get your dog to release. To not have any experience this is not bad at all!

  20. Animal Lover123
    | Reply

    This is dangerous do t you think??? Some people can seriously get hurt because I. The beginning The dog thinks your playing and night accidentally bite you but it’s just my opinion but also one more question what if when it’s a real situation the dog thinks since it’s not a toy it shouldn’t bite??

  21. chavda jaydip
    | Reply

    Good job bro

  22. Norr R
    | Reply

    Worked on my chihuahua thanks

  23. Kc Wriggle
    | Reply

    With all due respect I only need to see the title to say this, please, don't encourage people to train bite dogs over the web. As a professional dog trainers advice owners make mistakes and need feedback and even more so that every dog is different and this type of training has side effects and trying to show people how to do it over videos is going to cause unwanted bites and euthanization.

  24. Miawolf16
    | Reply

    I personally don't think owners should train their own ATTACK dog. Everyone needs a professional trainer for these types of stuff. Preferably a trainer who specifically trains this. And a protection dog should NEVER be 'trained' to bite the handler/owner. An owner who 'trains' their own dog to attack on command is a recipe for disaster.

  25. Isa Wolverius
    | Reply

    Because it`s a German shepard you don`t need to communicate in German with him, especially not with that American accent…

  26. GeometricalWolf 55
    | Reply

    I have a malinios his attack word is rage

  27. yvonneost12
    | Reply

    what a beautiful dog

  28. Adventist Cini
    | Reply

    what if your dog bites very lightly on the toy, how would one train a harder bite

  29. Willian Smithonson
    | Reply

    Just wonderful, I have been researching "dog training tips and tricks" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Jaydenley Doggy Dechlorination – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got excellent success with it.

  30. shooterbarrick
    | Reply

    Do u know how to train a chicken to attack?

    Im serious i want to know put it in the reply section or just put a video name to it no links i will not except bc of scams!

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