Train Your Dog to Hunt Birds : Learn Bird Hunting Dog Training Tools

Learn to use whistles, training dummies and congs to train your bird dog in this free video. Expert: Charlie McCanna Bio: Charlie McCanna has been training a…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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20 Responses

  1. Intan Riezky
    | Reply

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  2. Andi Gunadi
    | Reply

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  3. erick obakshi
    | Reply

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  4. erick obakshi
    | Reply

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  5. slimshadyfan2529
    | Reply

    Also, dogs do not see in black and white. They are color blind and have difficulties with greens and blues. They cannot see reds, but somehow it is any dogs favorite toy color. Probably for the challenges of finding it. A dog will lose a blue ball in green grass. I have done the experiments myself to prove the scientifical facts. Again, dog does not in see black and white. Its been proved. Look it up. Search what colors they see in dont search b&w. Because that’s where you’ll hear the BS.

  6. vince12345a
    | Reply

    how do i get my retriver to go out in front of me when hunting to hunt he has no problem on a leash but when i took him out to hunt he stayed at my heels

  7. sc3n3cor3
    | Reply

    You, Do not need a professional to help you train your dog how to hunt.

  8. Angelo Vespucci
    | Reply

    Giant Tampons!

  9. axs017
    | Reply

    if they are not used to people in that situation they will act shady i had to get a few feiends together and go to the park with mine before she would figure out that they were doing the same thing

  10. maradonasssssss
    | Reply

    i have 1 question:i have two dogs, very good hunters, but when i hunting with other groups they seem shy, can anyone help me?

  11. jonf1023
    | Reply

    I didnt see one thing in this vid that was accurate or enlightening.

  12. claytonsmymiddlename
    | Reply

    its hunting with the whistle too

  13. cjay75217
    | Reply

    its training with the whistle not hunting with the whistle, DUHHHHHHHHH

  14. Robert Serena
    | Reply

    A fucking whistle in the field, oh ok, i’ll have that beside my gun and duck call WTF bro, use your mouth if you need to

  15. J0Gu7
    | Reply

    all these guys from expert village tend to go on about things they have no idea about!

  16. beexsama
    | Reply

    I didn’t know you have to train your dog…my beagle just does it automatically =P

  17. bunnys123
    | Reply

    those bumpers look like dildo tampons

  18. junior420909
    | Reply

    soooo when do u teach to hunt brids????the title is verry misleading

  19. boathopper
    | Reply

    fuck you, and your hunting, asshole, creep

  20. goosegod10
    | Reply

    hey beevis, i have heard black & white as well. im sure you are a authority on this . all my retrievers sure seem to be able to see my white bumpers very well & not the orange one’s…..the tools are more impotant than the colors & time with your pet.does your dog sit ?

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