Toy Supplies for Your Playful Dog

Toy Supplies for Your Playful Dog

By Kenny Yong

What if you only have one dog at home?

Who plays with your dog whenever you are outside the vicinity of your home and cannot physically play with him?

Give your pet something to play with to keep him company. Give him a toy. Dog toys can be both fun and entertaining to your pet. They normally pull the toy, jump over it or simply bite it.

Do not just reward your dog with any toy you come across the store. There are appropriate dog toys. The following options may be helpful for you as you choose the best toy for your pet.

Comfort Toys These types of toys are only suitable for selected dogs. Talk with your veterinarian about the specific comfort toy that is best for your pet. Comfort toys are small and light dog toys which can be certainly played around. This type of toy can also be your dogs security blanket which they can embrace to sleep.

Some examples of comfort dog toys are: Plush Cow Dog Toy Woofer Sonik Dog Toy Plush Monkey Dog Toy Silly-sounds Plush Frog Dog Toy

Active Toys Active toys are playing materials which can challenge your pet dog. They will be most likely challenged to play with active toys since they are made of hard rubber. This type of toy comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes which can make your dog full of life even though you are not around.

Some examples of active toys are: Terry Squeaker Dog Bone Tennis Foot Ball Rubber Tennis Bone Plush Soccer Ball Dog Toy

Distracting Toys To paint a smile into your dogs face, you can give him distracting toys. Distracting toys are goodies to feed your dog. Commonly these are used to reinforce your dogs to do well while they are on training.

Some examples of distracting toys are: K-9 Dog Biscuits Pupsicles Breakfast Bars Dog Bone Tins

Squeaky Toys If your dog is fond of hearing high tunes and loves the noise, then squeaky toys are definitely for your pet. There are different varieties of squeaky toys which have a shrilling squeaker.

Some examples of squeaky toys are: JW Pet Bad/Good Hard Rubber Squeaky Toy this comes in large, medium or small sizes Nylabone Cheeky Squeaky Pet Toy Buddies Squeaky Spinner Ball Squeaky Babies

Floating Toys This type of toy is advisable to use to selected breed of dogs. Hence it is wise to first consult with your veterinarian before giving your pet a floating toy. However, this type of toy is common to retrievers. There are wide floating toys selections which you can choose from some are under the category of outdoor sports, action figures, and robotics.

Dog toys they come in different shapes, colors and figures. They are fascinating and it gives entertainment to your best animal pal. Rewarding your dogs with toys is like giving gifts to people. You need to carefully consider some factors like the breed of your dog and his personality to make your gift absolutely appreciated. Yes, you can always incorporate your own toy preference and your dogs characteristics when you thought of buying a dog toy.

Play around with your pet dog and his new toy!

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