Tips to Harness Train a Parrot –

Here are some tips to help get you started on some harness training with your parrot. The two amazons have progressed since this was filmed. The harness featured is the Aviator Harness
I also have some blogs on training your parrot to wear a harness and also training difficult behaviors that provide additional information. See the links below:

Barbara Heidenreich
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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. MissPronounced says:

    Next to my tiny parrotlet, this Blue is HUGE!

  2. Baiza Ansari says:

    hi Barbara
    one of my budgies is a baby and she lets me put her face in but not let me touch her wings to slot into the leash/harness…
    i really need help. ive tried everything you have said in the video but she is still frightened of people touching her wings…

  3. Eleanor Wright says:

    great video! really informative and its nice to see happy birds :)

  4. Joy Richards says:

    Well I fucked up, because I went right ahead putting a harness on my bird, and well she freaked out, and now she won't let me take it off her cause she just keeps running around Well, looks like she will never let me put a harness on her again

  5. Emi Gjoshe says:

    what kind of parrot is the green one?

  6. dashizzle1985 says:

    that green bird is like NOPENOPENOPE! LOL!

  7. didn't even think about training with a larger harness first! great idea! thanks!! Maybe I'll be able to get my Roseifron Conure in a harness now!

  8. Fun to see this video now, I did practice (first wing touching wich he don't like) and put the harness over his back and head: I practice about a month and today my dear Caique were his harness for the first time, he loves to go outside!

  9. music is Life says:

    thinking of buying a harness but i can already imagine the way hes going to react :c

  10. AmyThelma UK says:

    Best parrot trainer I've come across, very patient and gentle! Bravo

  11. Ariyah Onyx says:

    your macaw just loves can tell…how did you get your macaw to become so tamed?? I have a cockatiel and she'll let me pet her from the outside of the cage and I can put my hand in the cage and pet her…she loves attention and head scratches…she doesnt like it when i touch her breast,feet,back and wings though…and she's still uncomfortable with my hand a little..she doesnt like stepping up…she will step up but she'll bite my finger for a few times before she does and then when she's on my hand she'll bite it and she won't stay on it…she'll fly away any chance she gets…I've had her for about a month now…i've been using mellet as a reward for when she does something I want her to do but I don't want to have to give her a treat all the time…she won't listen to me unless she gets a treat…could you give me some advise??please??

  12. cindyandjoey says:

    My Triton cockatoo is 22 years old. When he still had a band on his foot, I clipped on a leg chain, but wound all but the last few inches around my hand, so as to prevent him from breaking a leg. (If I felt him crouch down to spring, I would clap a hand over his back.) I used to walk with him for an hour through the neighborhood, and he would call out to the neighbors. We both really enjoyed our walks. He learned where all the dogs and cats lived, and would bark or meow at those houses. Then, I got a new vet, and he said he could get the leg band caught on something in the cage when you're not home, so best to cut it off. He said, you can "just" acclimate him to a harness. I said OK. I tried for quite a while to do the harness, but he never did let me get it all the way on. He is very tame with me, and will let me pet up under his wings, etc. I did get it over his head and off, but don't really know how to progress, as he starts chewing on the harness like it's a toy. I soooo regret now cutting his band off. He has been getting more anti-social without going out. (If I get out the old chain, he still puts his foot up for me to put it on! He really wants to "go fer"!) What happens in cases where the harness just doesn't work out? Would I have to buy him a Pak-o-Bird carrier? Or is there some other type of latching bracelet I could put on his foot to attach the old lead to? Falconry band maybe?

  13. Kristen Spires says:

    Does this work on budgerigars?

  14. André Mortari says:

    Hi, what is the size of this harness of second parrot? I have an Amazon and I bought a small one, but I not sure about the size. I'm still training my parrot to accepet the harness.

  15. sillysongbird says:

    yay parrots

  16. sillysongbird says:

    yay parrots

  17. Excuse me barbara do you know a website where i can order the harness for my birds?😊

  18. Zoe Hindley says:

    Hi I have a yellow crowned Amazon parrot and I was wondering what you was feeding yours as a treat

  19. My 7-year old eclectus girl does not like being touched and we are in the middle of harness training but I've run into a problem. I can get it on her head okay using the method you showed, but when I go to take it off, she tries to bites me because she doesn't want me to take it off. She knows she only gets treats while she's wearing the harness. Do I have to go back and approximate the removal process too? I worry she's getting too many treats. I use safflower seeds, which are EXTREMELY high-value for her.

  20. so when you bring a parrot home how long should you wait untill you should put a harness on ?

  21. Maria Choudry says:

    I really need help for mine she is a 4 year old lovebirds that doesn't let me touch her I really need help

  22. Skele Kitty says:

    Mines absolutely afraid of it he's a 3yr old green cheek and I want to take him places but it's hard if I have to lug a carrier everywhere

  23. Ammon Morales says:

    HI, i was wondering what you use for treats?

  24. I know this is a old video but I absolutely love the adoring look he gives you. He's really enjoying this.

  25. Lynn Reedy says:

    Beautiful !! Looks like he would let you do any thing as long as your rubbing his head. That's comatose relaxed LOL. A really good loving trusting relationship the 2 of you have !

  26. ferociousgumby says:

    Why would you want to put a harness on a parrot??

  27. Kayla Hesano says:

    I have a Quaker parrot right now and I was wondering if putting a harness on the quaker parrot will work

  28. Bnaider Albedah says:

    Thank you👍

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