Tips On Maintaining Cat Health

Tips On Maintaining Cat Health

By Dean Cecere

Cat health is something all cat owners should know something about. You can improve and maintain the health of your cat, and doing this takes little time and effort. Cat health problems do arise, and in turn cat health questions are very common among cat owners. The reward for getting answers to these questions and solving these problems is insuring your cat is happy and healthy, and provides you with years of enjoyment and unconditional love. Cat health awareness begins the moment you acquire your feline, just by getting to know their habits and personalities. The logic behind this is that somewhere down the road, when you notice your cat has a sudden change in behavior, eating habits and sleeping habits, there is a good chance your cat has some sort of health issue.

It is a good practice to schedule a yearly check up at the vet to make sure there are no health concerns. Cat health can be maintained at home by simply examining your cat while you pet, play with or cuddle on the couch with him or her. Check for lumps, ticks or any other type of abnormality. The more often you do it, the easier it will become to spot any kind of change. If you notice a lump, black specs in the ears, eye gunk or a rash, you should consult the local veteranarian. These regular examinations are very important, because the sooner you notice the problem, the easier it will be to treat.

Grooming also plays a big role in cat health. The more often you groom him or her, the better off they will be. By grooming, you shoud remove a lot of dead hair, and there are combs specially made to extract ticks and fleas from your cats fur. Pay attention to your cats claws as well, as they sometimes require a quick trim. It’s fairly easy to clip your cats nails, but make sure you know how to properly perform this treatment and not cutting them too short. There are plenty of books on cat health at your local book store, and every cat owner should have one to consult every now and then. Owning a pet is a responsibility, and a responsible owner takes the time to do their best to make sure that pet is healthy.

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