Tips for Pampering Your Pet on Special Occasions

The bond between owner and dogSetting aside time to treat your pets is a way to honor and celebrate the unique bond that you have with them. Although every animal will prefer different types of pampering over others, it’s certain that your pet can always use some love and affection. Purina found that 60% of the pet owners they surveyed were including their pets in the celebration of this past Valentine’s Day. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, pet lifestyle expert, attended Purina’s “Be My Doggie Valentine Doggie Dinner Party” in February with her Chihuahua named Lola, and she had four fabulous tips for pampering your pets and showing them that you care.

Whitman devised an acronym using the word “LOVE,” so you will be prepared for next Valentine’s Day and also remember to treat your pet all year round during special occasions too.

  • Lounging around and taking a moment to relax, cuddle and watch a movie.
  • Ordering in food for yourself and then taking extra time to give your pet a thoughtfully prepared meal such as Chef Michael’s Canine Creations.
  • Valentine’s Day present, which can be a new bed, collar or toy.
  • Extra special pampering such as grooming or other little things to help your pet feel appreciated.

When it comes to Whitman and her bond with Lola, she says, “Every day we have our special time together, and she actually really likes to sleep in. So we have a very special time every morning when we kind of snuggle together and she gets a little—I guess I would call it a mini massage.” For her and Lola, this wake up ritual is a cherished moment that neither of them wants to miss.

Whitman also had some dog park etiquette advice: “I think it’s wonderful that the dogs get so about going out and socializing and that’s really why we do it. But because they’re excited, I think sometimes they forget some of things that we work so hard to teach them.” So she suggests keeping your dog close by on a leash and to watching out for any hazardous, which even includes toxic foods such as chocolate.

Pampering your pet doesn’t require lavish gifts and expensive spa treatments. It’s about reconnecting with your animal and spending quality time together and making memorable moments. If you would like to throw your pet a party, check out Whitman’s book Dog Parties: Entertaining Your Party Animals.

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    Tips for Pampering Your Pet on Special Occasions

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    Tips for pampering your pet on special occasions:

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    Cute blog and a great reminder to remember our four legged members of the family in our celebrations. They like the special attention. Thanks for sharing. Personalized Gift Express

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