Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date (Ep. 5)

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42 Responses

  1. HelloDenizen
    | Reply

    Tell us what you want to see in the next episode! We’re listening to all of
    your #tinyideas

  2. NimbleBlood
    | Reply

    Tiny Hamsters at a Heavy Metal concert

  3. Sparkulight
    | Reply

    when a hamster can get a date and you can’t <

  4. The Great Steve
    | Reply

    Fucking hamsters are having more luck than me.

  5. Kira B
    | Reply

    You shouldve given them one end each of the same spaghetti like in that one
    movie i dont remember

  6. Macy Blake
    | Reply


  7. Katharina Kieff
    | Reply

    Mit diesem entzückenden Filmchen wünsche ich Euch einen wunderschönen

  8. Anubis De León
    | Reply

    I love the mind of that young man. so clean, and he care for animals, to
    make them so happy creating a Saint Hamsterine date, so cute lovely.

  9. Diana Mjojo
    | Reply

    I bet you they met on Tinder.

  10. matthew rappaport
    | Reply

    Guess Hamsters DO celebrate #LOVE … and also that chocolate holiday –>

    Hammin’ it up is really ADORKABLE in this vid via +Di Cleverly ala +Jake

  11. Cheryl Lee
    | Reply


  12. Anali Masood
    | Reply

    Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date 

  13. zulily
    | Reply

    Your daily “awwww”: Tiny hamsters go on a tiny Valentine’s Day date.

  14. Tony Cerda
    | Reply

    Words can’t describe how cuuute this is >_<

  15. Holger Hirrschoff
    | Reply


    Treffen sich 2 Hamster in Venedig und bestellen sich etwas zu Essen, nam
    nam nam

    Valentinstag, dessen Geschichte auf 2 Märtyrer Namens Valentinus zurück
    geht, und der Blumenhändler

  16. MegamanFangirl
    | Reply

    So cute Q3Q

  17. Herta Fartjoy
    | Reply

    Ok anyone who can’t see this is animal abuse, I don’t think there’s
    anything that can be done to help you poor lost souls. These animals were
    tortured to perform this, then they put this sweet sappy music to it. This
    is disgusting! Good thing God doesn’t exist or we’d all be burned to a
    crisp in a real jiffy.

    Herta Fartjoy, Defender of Sanity, Founder of Defense of Sanity
    #YouTubeJusticeLeague Moderator of /r/videos

  18. Carlos Gonzales
    | Reply

    A male and female hamster can be mixed only when she is in heat . They will
    mate in a fury for a few moments . If the the female is not in heat, she
    will rip the male to SHREDS ! They must have drugged or superglued the
    hamsters in place . …..Google MATING HABITS OF HAMSTERS …

  19. Stephanie Morrow
    | Reply

    Tiny Hamsters on a Tiny date. With Valentine’s just around the corner, I
    had to share. 🙂 

  20. Wita Wanita
    | Reply

    Share this with your #Valentine #ValentinesDay with #witawanita @ #Venice

  21. John Hattan
    | Reply

    Your Friday pre-Valentine’s day dose of stupid. Romantic Italian dinner for

  22. Meghraj Chaudhary
    | Reply

    +See Arina are not they cute like rabbit??

  23. Brittany Turner
    | Reply

    This is not “precious” –syrians are solitary animals and should never be
    around other hamsters after they’re fully grown. It’s extremely stressful
    to both hamsters. If you’re going to be a hamster owner you should be
    responsible and not force them into situations for views on YouTube. Will
    likely get a lot of hate for this comment, but just because hamsters are
    small doesnt mean they don’t have specific needs. Sometimes things that is
    “adorable” to the untrained eye is actually seriously damaging to the
    creature. Please, stop putting them together. You’re spreading this bad
    practice to those who are uneducated about this. 

  24. John Raymond Peterson
    | Reply

    A very special Valentine’s Date.
    Some people just have *WAY TOO MUCH* time on their hand. Ooops!

  25. 褚欣慧
    | Reply

    Hamsters’ Chinese New Year! Familly reunion with spring rolls, rice cake,
    and dumplings! Lol #tinyideas 

  26. Jinx - Chan
    | Reply

    Guess Hamsters DO celebrate #LOVE … and also that chocolate holiday –>

    Hammin’ it up is really ADORKABLE in this vid via +Di Cleverly ala +Jake

  27. Stormsquad
    | Reply

    Tiny Hamsters go to an Airshow

  28. Sterre Meijer
    | Reply

    even these hamsters have a date for valentine’s day. #foreveralone.

  29. Bella Cámara
    | Reply

    I love your hamsters

  30. Gabriela Cam
    | Reply

    hey guys I found this cute video for you guys to like 🙂 Happy early
    Valentines Day

  31. Bridgette Mckenzie
    | Reply

    These hamsters have a better love life than me.

  32. Maria Galkin
    | Reply

    +Elena Segal THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!

  33. Nicholas Llewellyn
    | Reply

    +Demon Of The Fall for you…

  34. ap
    | Reply

    They are both male(thats what i heard from the comments) I guess a gay
    couple? well thats ok #HamsterLove

  35. Fidjie Fidjie
    | Reply

    Les Hamsters du web ont eu aussi leur dîner de la St Valentin !
    #animals #happyvalentinesday #tinyhamsters 

  36. Тихий Тигр
    | Reply
  37. grace hackensmith
    | Reply

    My hedgehogs birthday is coming up and i want to make her a cake. Can you
    make a video on how to make your cute little cakes?

  38. Qwyatt Storm
    | Reply

    Ah jes this whata we calla adorable N Italian. Mama mia.

  39. azke4n
    | Reply

    Almost midnight and I’am alone watching a couple of tiny hamster dating
    each other on an italian restaurant for valentine day.

    I think that the point where you can legitimately say : “enough internet
    for today” :p

    nice vid btw

  40. SmallPetInfo1
    | Reply

    NOT CUTE. This is so irresponsible on this idiot guys part. You NEVER under
    ANY circumstance put Syrian Hamsters together!!!! It causes a lot of
    stress, if they got in to a fight, one could be seriously injured or dead
    right now. 

  41. TheSection59
    | Reply

    adorable :-)

  42. Michael Godel
    | Reply

    So hamsters eat meat now? Interesting. It wont be for long until they will
    eat people. And then were all doomed. Stop finding them cute and raise

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