[TinoCat] How to Train Your Cat to do Tricks

How To Train Your Cat.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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27 Responses

  1. Natilie Brown
    | Reply


  2. Marci Mellberg
    | Reply

    This is amazing!!! I can’t wait to train my cat to do some new tricks. It’s amazing what a cat can accomplish with the correct attention.

  3. WHOOPtheresheIs
    | Reply

    hahah that’s amazing. I can get my cat to lie down on command, and to come/sit but that’s it :U.

  4. marielafuentes1993
    | Reply

    Wow that good.  🙂

  5. Ahmad97Danni
    | Reply

    i like this video – awkward a moment when i dont even have a cat!

  6. MinecraftAstral
    | Reply

    im teaching mine to sit when i move my hand down and to lay + roll over and hi 5

  7. Tony Stark
    | Reply

    i want to teach her but shes soooo lazyyy!!!!! aylaaaa cheer upp!!!!!!! :P her name is ayla

  8. TinoTheCatVA5
    | Reply

    Yes this video that took 20 minutes to make clearly proves that. This was actually an instructional video I had to post for a college class but thanks for the feedback.

  9. Josh Junda
    | Reply

    Proves u have no life

  10. wolfgirl8828
    | Reply

    I tride to teach my cat and I did what you said to do but my cat won’t listen

  11. Rawan Al-subaie
    | Reply

    My cat is to lazy… O.O

  12. Alex Rover
    | Reply

    I m all fired up… 😛 to teach him…these tricks 😀 thanks for the video…cute cat 🙂

  13. SuzieLady
    | Reply

    How clever! I love this! well done!

  14. Selecte714
    | Reply

    great video =D but when my cat sees my hands moving all she wants to do is wrestle my hand.

  15. jullienjhoen
    | Reply

    Wow! Great job tino! I need help our cat doesn’t like to be traind I don’t know why -_-

  16. Kim Clausen
    | Reply

    you did a good job traning your cat. you’ve a very smart cat! i hope my will be as smart as yours!

  17. HRVDNT
    | Reply

    Wait… need to let this sink in… I need a cat?!?

  18. crystalheart9
    | Reply

    Awwww, great job by you and Tino 😀

  19. Rob3rt961
    | Reply

    I wish my cat was less pampered and more cooperative

  20. georgina kither
    | Reply

    Thanks sooo much gonna teach my cat to shake paws when he wakes up!!

  21. WamboMini
    | Reply

    Thanks my cat just pooped in my bed

  22. alliemariebeauty20
    | Reply

    Thanks I just got a kitten so this will be fun to teach him

  23. Sweetgirl120203
    | Reply

    My cat learned to lay but wont do any thing else ny cat is mean tho but can be a suck up sometimes

  24. sparklybluebear267
    | Reply

    Thx my cat now can shake paws

  25. lostinamap
    | Reply

    Always love seeing videos from you and Tino!  Good job!

  26. sylnanu
    | Reply

    Tino is so cute. I’ve taught my cat to play dead as well (even have a video of her doing it:)). You definitely are right when you say patience and practice is required! Great video!!

  27. Cheila Luna
    | Reply

    So far I was only able to teach my cats to sit down >.< Your cat is awesome!

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