Three Steps To Killing Fleas – Or Be Eaten Alive

Three Steps To Killing Fleas – Or Be Eaten Alive
By Linda Meckler

Do you have pets in your home? Are you being eaten alive by fleas? These usually show up as red itchy welts on your skin. Do you know how to stop this?

The weather has changed and in Southern California it is Hot. Now is the time for those tiny critters called fleas to start making a pest of themselves. The fleas do not stay in one room of your home. They live and breed in every room of your home.

If you have a dog or cat or many dogs and cats you are a feast for these tiny critters.

The best way to get the jump on them is to fight them with a



(1) You can buy at just about any store aerosol cans that will spray flea killer in an upward manner.

(2) Purchase one for every room of your house including the hallways and kitchen.

Note: Put away in cupboards all food or anything you do not want to be sprayed with flea spray.

(3) Close all the outside doors and windows tightly.

(4) Walk through your home and set all the cans of flea killer spray off starting in the back and finishing by the outside door.

(5) Try not to breathe until you are safely outside or wear a mask.

(6) After the spray is finished leave the house closed up for a good three hours or whatever the directions say on the can.

(7) Then vacuum up the dead eggs so vacuum all of the carpeting, furniture and the curtains.

(8) Wash all your bedding it was sprayed on and has flea eggs on it.


(1)Spray your yard while the house is locked up and becoming free of live fleas.

(2) There are many kinds of flea killer sprays to choose from. Some you can attach to your hose and spray.

(3) Another choice is by having a pest control company come out weekly or twice a month to spray your yard.

Note: Your pets should not be in the house or in the yard during the spraying.

(4) When you return to your home leave the doors open and immediately open all the windows.

(5) Throw away all the used cans of flea spray.


(1) The third step is bathing all your pets either in the bathtub or outside.

(2)Another option is take them to the animal beauty parlor.


The main idea is to do all three steps in the same day. This way your home will be flea free for approximately seven days.


After the seventh day all the flea eggs will have hatched and you will have to start the 3 step process all over again.

There are wonderful flea collars and other products on the market for your pets now that work terrific in keeping the fleas off.

When you own a pet and you do not want to become a flea dinner this is the 3 step program that will work.

Repeat the 3 steps as often as necessary.

Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to read all of my articles.

Copyright 2006 Linda Meckler

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