This One Is For The Squirrels and the Ducks

We were out at a friend’s place last weekend, when I took this video from my Canon IS2000 digital camera. She was probably stocking up for the summer to feed her litter that was just born, and will need hard foods in the next 30 days! Squirrels mate in the winter, breed in the spring and it takes between 6-8 weeks for the little squirrels to open their eyes apparently! After that .. it’s squirrels everywhere 🙂

I call this: Stocking Up For The Summer

While we were out walking the dogs along the creek, I managed to take real nice closeup pictures of Mallards swimming in the creek when, I decided to turn my camera into video mode and capture it swimming and, the Mallard decided to turn it into a sexy shower scene~!

I call this: I’m Too Sexy …

btw – I added music to this last one – from the YouTube upload directly from google (audioswap) – I didn’t know I can do that 😀

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    (new PetLvr post ).. This One Is For The Squirrels and the Ducks: We were out at a friend&#8..

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    RT @huffingtonpost Cute (Videos) Squirrel Eats A Lemon // nice reminds me of last weekend by me

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