Things I’ve Learned From My Cat

I was watching my cat the other day and thought to myself, “man, these felines have sure got it made!” I started thinking about their day and what I could learn from my fuzzy friends and here’s what I came up with:

1) Get plenty of beauty rest.No matter what kind of day you are having, there’s nothing a nap can’t fix.

2) Take your time. There is no reason to rush, life is short and you should savor every moment (no matter how much of a hurry everyone else is in!)

3) Bathe often. Cleanliness is next to godliness and a warm bath melts troubles away.

4) Let others do for you. It’s hard to ask for help sometimes, but letting others lend a helping hand can make you both feel good about life.

5) Chew your food. (Have you ever watched a cat eat?) Enjoy your meals, each day is a gift and this may be your last!

6) Don’t worry about messes! Who ever looked back at their life and said “I should have cleaned more!”?

7) Don’t be afraid to show affection. Cats purr when they are happy and we love it, so why not smile more? It can be contagious!

8) Stand up for what you believe in! They aren’t called “cat fights” for nothing, if you want it bad enough, don’t be afraid to fight for it.

Helen is a freelance writer and the resident blogger for, a free informational website offering tips and advice on online colleges.

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