The World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions Tour

The World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions Tour stopped up here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada August 20, 2005 for a few shows, before heading south east to St. Paul, Minnesota on August 25, 2005.

We took this picture, from our seats in the second row

We went to the Saturday 7:30 pm Show last night (August 20, 2005), compliments of my parents, who gave us these great tickets for our 3rd Anniversary gift, coming up August 31, 2005.

These are the tickets we received

We had floor row seating, but it was the 2nd row of two rows, behind another row. We decided, just before the show started, to move up a few rows to get better pictures and a better view. I could say that everytime there was a great opportunity for a close-up picture, I was in the direct line of sight of the beams of lights that were shining on the horses and wasted so many pictures. I probably took about 50 pictures, but only 13 of them seemed to be fairly viewable. If I were a better photographer, I probably would have known how to compensate it.

But, I created a new folder in the PetLvr Photo Gallery and uploaded all of the pictures of mine that were any good, plus a few other pictures from their website.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PICTURES —-> World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions – August 20, 2005 – Photo Gallery

All in all it was quite interesting to see these horses “in-real-life” and the pictures do not give justice to the show. These Stallions, if you do not know the story,… from the website:

The Lipizzan is a rare and unique breed; its history and culture is known worldwide. The Walt Disney movie The Miracle of the White Stallions, depicting General George S. Patton saving them at the end of World War II from certain extinction, created an even greater world-wide interest in the Lipizzaner breed. Had it not been for Patton, there would be no Lipizzans today.

Apparently there are about 3000 horses left in the world, all of which could be traced to about 6 families of genes – according to the announcer and Master of Ceremonies.

It’s quite a story .. you should read their website or do internet searches on “The Lipizzaner Stallion“. Better yet .. if they are coming to your town – get some tickets and go to the show! You can check to see if they are coming to your town in their online schedule … here!

Take care.

PS: Thanks Mom & Dad for the tickets! ~~

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