The Ulimate Horse Jumping Training Guide………

A Horses Guide on How To Train its Rider to Jump! Expert Guide for All……. using my video & photos to illustrate!!!!

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31 Responses

  1. Lela Warren
    | Reply

    Is it me, or did the refusal at 0:53 look smooth and perfect xDīģŋ

  2. animalwisperer
    | Reply

    @BearJew8790 She was joking!!! Your 3rd point, no but if you walk around
    like you think your the best then most of the time you come across as a

  3. animalwisperer
    | Reply

    Joking!!! 3rd point- When you walk around like you think your top notch
    most of the time you come across as a snob!

  4. IUseThisSite
    | Reply

    Aha I love this! It’s true, too. 🙂 I’m a beginner jumper and I’m always
    fiddling right before the jump. :3

  5. TheEllaboo10
    | Reply

    this is pathetic! riders are ment to be in charge not the horse they can be
    unpredictable and if you dont take charge then you can get seriously hurt

  6. longhrons1
    | Reply

    I loved it…you think it would be an eye-opener to all that have had this
    happen but then again if this is repetitive in their horse experience they
    wouldnt understand. hahaha

  7. Abi Moon
    | Reply

    @poolsproperty wow this is amazingly right

  8. karbasher
    | Reply

    I think my horse wrote this 🙂

  9. Mohammed Al Roz
    | Reply

    Nice Vid but Too Bad Horses cant read your good tips

  10. horseit100
    | Reply


  11. Peggy O'Neill
    | Reply

    hey im not trying to be harsh or rude or anything, but this is not the
    proper way to jump. you have beautiful horses and everything, but you can
    tell they do not like jumping, and the riders are not ready for it yet. im
    currently training my horse right now, and that is deffinatley not how.
    some of the stuff in the video is right, but you should edit it a bit.
    sorry again not trying to be rude! thanks! 🙂

  12. linda snoddy
    | Reply

    my old horse was like that but if you give her a whip or a kick before the
    jump she will jump

  13. MegaDannyboii
    | Reply

    @poolsproperty i live in spain but from australia xP

  14. Morgan Lee
    | Reply

    i looove this video it actually helped my confidence when i jump!

  15. naptimeponygirl
    | Reply

    horses wont jump a fence if the rider is, say, not showing that they are
    confident because then the horse will feel less confident. if you dont ‘go
    with’ the horse to the jump whilst reasuring it that you are doing it too,
    then it wont jump. for instance if you sit there and do nothing the horse
    will obviously take advantage of that and refuse the fence. push your horse
    towards the fence and dont take it on if neither you or the horse is ready.
    these riders are leaning forward all the time.

  16. Nina Simonsen
    | Reply

    Um, the horse is NOT the boss, the rider is, and a horse should not refuse
    a jump.

  17. aaalisux
    | Reply

    what is this song..its so cool..i dont remember this song..

  18. spiritofthathorse
    | Reply

    Hope that my horse never sees that video! lol

  19. teedii35
    | Reply

    the horse i was riding trained me this way.. :D:D on my first competition i
    jumped only 2 fences.. on my second competition i jumped 2 fences again..on
    my third competiotion i didn’t jump the first fence 😀 well i think the
    horse trained me well and we became good team .. 😀 but now i ride another
    horse.. nice video! 🙂 (sorry my english isn’t very good 😀 )

  20. HorseRiderForever812
    | Reply

    Ummm, I think the rider should be boss. Are you sure you know what your
    talking about?!? You shouldn’t teach people that the horse is in control.
    Just some advice..

  21. Abby Jane
    | Reply

    hahah this video is genius. I swear, my mare is watching this right now
    laughing. But she HAS taught me to be a stronger and more confident rider,
    in exactly the ways you describe in the video. great job! 🙂

  22. posspig
    | Reply

    A TIP: You can not EXPECT a horse to go over jumps. Give your horse a small
    kick before the jump. Make sure you lean forward, loose rein, hold on the
    mane and have confidence. I’ve listened and it actully works. Make this top
    comment so everyone can see it? Thanks

  23. hyperfocus2011
    | Reply

    change the title …this is just a video of a bunch of idiots!

  24. Ally W
    | Reply

    lol mi pony is a fan of the jump from a standstill 😛

  25. Phoebe Murphy
    | Reply

    Lol some of the comments are making me laugh haha! Especially all the
    comments where people think this is a real guide and dont know it’s a joke
    haha! Better not show the po’ this, he takes it to extremes haha!

  26. HorsePaintCrazy
    | Reply

    this is really kind of helping me b more confident of jumping. i want to
    try some time but first i have to get down my 2 pointing and posting 🙂

  27. poolsproperty
    | Reply

    @teedii35 Thanks

  28. MissPatra219
    | Reply

    Also.. If you didn’t have time to refuse the jump, just skid to a stop
    right as you land. The rider must understand that proper refusals take

  29. bellabelliboo
    | Reply

    What a cute video 🙂

  30. Christina van Yken
    | Reply

    Why I hate horse jumping is because I get the victims of this sport.
    Injured horses are shipped either for meat or to rescues trying to rehome
    them, which is not a easy task. I know if done properly horses are usually
    fine till they age, all that work catches up with them and leads to life
    long problems…..People are foolish to believe that someone who jumps
    keeps that horse till it dies at 30. They think they can rehome them to
    good homes and it sometimes leads to abuse and neglect.

  31. teddyanddillon
    | Reply

    i love this video 🙂

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