The Supplement Most Needed by Your Pet

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian discusses digestive health of pets and how to improve it with Digestive Enzymes

What do you think?

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15 Responses

  1. odin422
    | Reply

    Guts are more important that you would think……hmmm


  2. odin422
    | Reply

    Geez this makes me think about my OWN gut functions.

    Classy video.

  3. DragonWaveMaster
    | Reply

    Usuful information, thanks.

  4. newbirth35
    | Reply

    That’s very interesting. I feed my cats a VERY high quality cat food (high protein, no corn or grains, low carb), but it is still dry kibble treated at high temps to make it shelf stable. Thanks for this info.

  5. DT90simonini
    | Reply

    I fed my dog only human food like what i eat nad shes 13 years old now and not even i frey hair and nosicknesses i dont understand why ther is cat and dog food

  6. mina399
    | Reply

    more people need to feed their cats this way!!

  7. engfant
    | Reply

    isn’t most animal food endtrails?

  8. suchandradasi
    | Reply

    maybe but pet food is cooked not raw

  9. newbirth35
    | Reply

    Even with the economy the way it is, I make sure I eat healthy (well, most of the time!), and my cats need to eat healthy too. I’ll skimp on cat litter and get the cheapest kind, but food directly effects their health.

  10. newbirth35
    | Reply

    I have cats and human food would not work for them. Cats have different amino acid requirements than we do. Things like taurine that humans don’t need are essential to cats.

    Also, dry food is cheaper and easier than feeding them raw. Human food would not work for them, but some people do feed raw. After all, when a cat kills a mouse, it eats the whole mouse, not just the meat.

  11. DT90simonini
    | Reply

    the thing isone of my cats died and all i fed her was cat food she died by the way from not being able to go to the toilet.What exactly do u meanby raw food i dont get it?

  12. funnyguise
    | Reply

    I feed my dog BARF including cow’s 4th stomach. Google it. My dog’s poop smells like mild crotch odor (sorry for the gross analogy), his teeth are bright and white, and breath is like morning breath, not dog breath.

  13. kitteesPJs
    | Reply

    How does one even get this product? Your website is not even up yet.

  14. roxy1stmommy
    | Reply

    when is this product going to be on the website? Great video, definitely makes me rethink my dogs diet. Thank you!

  15. 369thegoose1
    | Reply

    I wish you were my pets vet!

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