The Lawrence Frederick Trick!- clicker dog training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This is a trick I learned from Lawrence Frederick the frisbee dog champ. Thanks Lawrence for the inspiration 🙂 Tug LOVES all sorts of balancing/running/jumping tricks. So even though we just tried this trick today, I am sure it will be a favorite of his. Please do not copy this trick at home- if not properly done it can be dangerous for YOU as well as your DOG!!!! Put your dogs safety and needs first in training. Dog training clicker training lawrence frederick trick dogmantics kikopup freestyle canine frisbee

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. AllAboutKeira
    | Reply


  2. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    Tug has come such a long way from the shy little thing when first learning what the clicker was all about to this confident dog. How lovely to see!

  3. brittanyjadexo
    | Reply

    Tug is the BEST!!! I just love him. How cool!

  4. snuggliepuppy
    | Reply

    i am amazed. So freakin awesome!!!

  5. spynoelle1
    | Reply

    awesome video! u should make a tutorial!

  6. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    What a great trick for small dogs !

  7. mieke337
    | Reply


  8. ZeBeFruity
    | Reply

    everything about this video is so cool. esp your hair, that shirt, the light, the yard and of course tuggers

  9. EpicIngrid
    | Reply

    Yeah… I’m not trying that…

    …I have a huge labrador retriever ;p

  10. harmtheone
    | Reply

    that is awesome

  11. bordergirlsmom
    | Reply

    FANTASTIC TRICK!!!!! Kathy with Liz/Breeze/Cricket

  12. CrazyDragonCross
    | Reply

    @EpicIngrid I have a Golden Retriever and I totally understand what you mean. XD

  13. CrazyDragonCross
    | Reply

    @EpicIngrid I have a Golden Retriever and I totally understand what you mean. XD

  14. Giusa
    | Reply


  15. fredhassen
    | Reply

    Yes! Lawrence is a great trainer and a good friend.

  16. discdogshayne
    | Reply

    I was working on the first part of that trick with Shayne a few years back (the over the chest onto the back) until she nearly broke my nose… LOL… she was a little too zealous and hit my face … it was scary LOL! it’s such a cool looking trick.. perhaps we’ll give it another go or modify it a little… great video!

  17. Parenchym
    | Reply

    awesome! Now I either need more muscles or a smaller dog 😉

  18. Zurison
    | Reply

    @TherealAshman I have a 35kg ridgeback too – so no canine frisbee happening here either!

  19. AdimusDogServices
    | Reply

    Simply incredible!

  20. NanaBorderCollie
    | Reply

    Absolutely brilliant trick, Em!! 😀

  21. MsBorderCollieLover
    | Reply

    haha Oh I love it amazing job!

  22. MsZoraZ
    | Reply

    I’ve seen the Disc-connected K-9 performances so many times, Lawrence is an amazing dog trainer! If you’ve never seen them perform you should really check them out. Zora the “Z” monster and E-Z Rider are my favorites, but I really liked Harley, too.
    I have that shirt 😀
    When are you going to make the boundaries video?!!! :0

  23. MyFavoritePupJasmine
    | Reply

    Love it! Can I try this trick w/ Jasmine if I consult you (the expert)? =D

  24. enikpup
    | Reply

    Love this! Great job to both of you!

  25. YoshiWolpertinger
    | Reply

    Yeah Cool. Need a smaller dog. ^^

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