The Importance Of Horse Supplies In Maintaining A Healthy Animal

By Riley Hendersen

In the care and keeping of horses, it is necessary to have a variety of standard horse supplies at the ready in order to responsibly fulfill our duties as horse owners or caregivers.

While fundamental needs such as quality food, adequate water, and comfortable shelter are obvious, there are additional supplies that are absolutely essential to the health and functionality of the horse in question and they are classified by the physical care for the horse and utilization of the horse’s abilities.

Included in physical care are those horse supplies that feature the materials used for grooming the animal. Frequent horse grooming is imperative for the comfort and appearance of the horse.

The supplies most often used in grooming include a curry comb – used to loosen dirt in the horse’s coat, a dandy brush which removes the dirt, a body brush which grooms the coat, a mane comb which does the same for the horse’s mane, a hoof pick/brush which cleans the hoofs, and a polishing towel used to give the horse a healthy sheen at the end of brushing.

As important as grooming in the physical care for a horse is medical care. Just as we keep a first aid kit in our homes should anyone require assistance, we must also keep a horse first aid kit as a part of your standard horse supplies.

Of course, in the event of illness or injury it is imperative that a veterinarian be called immediately; but in the meantime, a first aid kit can help you keep your horse comfortable – and out of immediate danger – until the doctor can arrive. Such items that should be included in first aid kit for horses include:

*wound dressings

There are, of course, those horse supplies that are associated with the utilization of the horse. For example, in order to ride your horse, you must have a variety of horse supplies on hand for riding.

The equipment used in this case is referred to as tack and includes:

Saddles – The “seat” in which the rider sits.
Stirrups – Which act as a support for the rider’s feet.
Bridles and Halters – Which slip over the horse’s head and are used to control the movement of the horse.
Reins – The ropes that run from the bit to the rider’s hands.
Bit – Which fits in the mouth of the horse.

Ultimately, there is a variety of equipment that is used for different styles of riding, racing, or showing a horse. The type of supplies used differs in each particular situation.

Owning a horse requires a significant amount of responsibility. As owners, we are committed to the physical and emotional care for the animals that have been entrusted to us.

Proper medical attention, healthy nutrition and hydration, frequent and loving grooming, and a dedication to having proper horse supplies on hand at all times are all a part of taking comprehensive care of our horses.

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