The Feline Phoenix — Cat Clips #143

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

The Feline Phoenix — Cat Clips #143 Trey, Tipi, Tuck and Boots finally figure out a way to get Honey’s ghost out of the plumbing. Don’t forget to check out the Cat Clips t-shirts and coffee mugs at About Cat Clips Created by Michael Latshaw, this episode…

What do you think?

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  1. @mikeytoospikeyishot she did come back

  2. ScoobyHubby says:

    @jeffersonvlog — Actually I don’t have a lot of green screen of her…I’m going to have to be much more inventive…maybe even learn a few new technical things to make it happen…we’ll see…

  3. ScoobyHubby says:

    @TheReybooyaka619 — Thanks. The Halloween episode will be in the next few weeks. Lots of work to do on that one.

  4. ScoobyHubby says:

    @EBA123100 — Me too. Thanks for watching!

  5. MsCatanacmaniac says:

    whens the next?

  6. jeffersonvlog says:

    @ScoobyHubby That sounds like a problem… unless you rotoscope every one.

  7. lovescoobydoo1 says:

    was it me or did tray get loud at 651

  8. ScoobyHubby says:

    @lovescoobydoo1 — Yes, I believe he was trying to be heard over all the noise.

  9. kittins1234 says:

    honeys back! Yes!!! but?….how do you get her back in the videos?

  10. ScoobyHubby says:

    @kittins1234 — I have tons of footage of her, so it’s easy to use that….both old footage and footage that’s never been used.

  11. how did honey die anyway

  12. ScoobyHubby says:

    @tejha2able — She passed away in her sleep.

  13. How in the world did you get all the cats to react to the tub when Chase emerges? I mean they act like she is coming back. It’s really cool!

  14. ScoobyHubby says:

    @Poeboi — Movie magic. And very good actors. Heh, heh.

  15. @ScoobyHubby appearently! LOL!

  16. AltAirPilot517 says:

    lol wtf

  17. ScoobyHubby says:

    @AltAirPilot517 — Thanks for watching!

  18. kloverzwebkinz says:

    So, is Boots your cat?

  19. ALmost all cat owners with more of 1 cat, think about “funny conversations” between them, good idea, good video, funny :)

  20. ScoobyHubby says:

    @jorco — Thanks for watching. Glad you enjoyed it.

  21. XxXGreyhavenXxX says:

    boots]maybe shes sleepin again honey] snore trey]yep shes sleeping [honey] farttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  22. LissyLuvsYou says:

    how do you make the video’s. Do you record your cats then put voices to them or do you like make a script and then try to make them do what you planned. I really want to know! Please reply

  23. ScoobyHubby says:

    @LissyLuvsYou — It depends. Sometimes the footage comes first, sometimes the script. Although it’s much easier if you don’t have to rely on the cats to follow directions….cause they usually do exactly what they want. Tipi and Tuck happen to be very natural and easy to work with…so they can follow directions pretty well.

  24. Sandstripe1 says:

    do u really think honey is still there like she is in these episode

  25. ScoobyHubby says:

    @Sandstripe1 — I don’t know. It certainly would be nice to think she’s still around.

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