The Easiest way to tame any bird revealed !

So , you all asked many questions on taming cockatiels right?, Here bird tameness releases a video on taming a cockatiel for a customer right on the spot !. …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

38 Responses

  1. Pie Duck
    | Reply

    like if u paused at the beginning when the car was driving , i remember
    watching dat nice car vid years ago , not falling for it >:(

  2. Muriel Anderson
    | Reply

    My cockatiel hates me

  3. Sspitfire
    | Reply

    How do I stop my IRN from climbing up on my head? It’s been a few days
    since I got him/her, managed to get him/her tamed at the third day. But
    whenever I put it on my shoulder, few minutes later it started to climb on
    my head.
    And how do I stop it from biting my finger when it’s perched on my finger? 

  4. skooterbird
    | Reply

    I raised a cockatiel from birth and that was easy, but one from a pet
    shop…Sorry but they will bite in fear, so seeing yours right away not
    bite you makes me wonder. I am good at training animals and birds, but they
    can be very nasty those beaks even just one peck from one makes you go

  5. BeccyCakeMC
    | Reply

    This doesn’t work on penguins

  6. JustAnother Therian
    | Reply

    I’ve owned a Cockatiel for many years now and although she is cute and can
    be very sweet at times and is able to even eat from my hand, she is not
    trained well and often doesn’t do what she is supposed to or bites. I’ve
    grown to live with it and when she’s out of line she does get in a little
    trouble (thankfully she’s never done anything horrible except chew up my
    homework and paper CD cases) If i had videos like these when I was little
    and first got my bird, I bet they would have been a great help for me. I’m
    glad these are around for anyone in the future who needs to train their new
    bird. this is very smart. Well made :)

  7. Cherokee Rose
    | Reply

    Nice job…..thank you…

  8. erkanerdin
    | Reply

    How do you define a pied cockatiel as a male of a female before buying it?

  9. charhusky35
    | Reply

    no affence but u can kinda tell it was fake a wild bird would fly round the
    room and look for a way out constantly biting lol but it donest matter i
    will not judge its quit cool lol

  10. DonBugatti
    | Reply

    had to pause and skip, and check and make sure everything was a-ok…

  11. predalian5
    | Reply

    The problem with this video is this information leaves the implication that
    all of them will stand there and do nothing. I somewhat tamed my bird, She
    will climb up on your hand, land on your head, and will even… *cough* get
    romantic with your hand. But she for the life of her will not let anyone
    touch her, My bird. Is somewhat snobby… but in a good way. This vid is
    leaving the generalisation of them just sitting there. All bird have
    different personalities

  12. kalboraph
    | Reply

    This does not work on my bird. My vulture still keeps biting my head.

  13. Charlie B
    | Reply

    I’m watching this while my evil cocki is making angry noises while I type.
    … I just want to love him! :P

  14. Cat Crafter
    | Reply

    I have a VERY VERY aggressive parakeet named sky. sky is soooo scared!! he
    can barley step up on my finger without flying away
    HELP and he bites…. HARD!! and I only had him for5 months!!!

  15. Chris VdC
    | Reply

    this video is totaly bullshit, ppl don’t believe everything what you see, i
    have had birds my whole life, this cockatiel in the movie is a tamed one!
    and is been tamed when it was young, he just doesn’t take it out every day,
    mine are the same they have been tamed from birth but due to time i can’t
    get them out every day, so they run off from your hand a bit, it’s normal,
    a bird whom never been taken from birth will NEVER be tamed, it’s a myth!,
    if you try to misshandle untamed birds you will harm them and theyre fear
    will exceed into rage and they will to anything to hurt you, cus they see
    your hand as a pretator so do ppl a huge favor and quit the fucking
    bullshit and keep your lies to your fucking self!

  16. AnomalyINC
    | Reply


  17. Tennessee5006
    | Reply

    WOW!!! You got some HUGE eyebrows!

  18. John Y.
    | Reply

    Are his wings clipped?

  19. heavenbarks
    | Reply

    Just ignore that HUGE Cat over your head….little cockatiel bird…all is
    well….little guy….lol…

  20. Silver Griffin
    | Reply

    try training an owl.

  21. Channing Bullock
    | Reply

    Spending time and talking and touching your bird helps right? My bird knows
    how to step up and does not bite but she does not like it when I touch her.
    She enjoys sitting on my finger while preening. If I keep spending time
    with her and giving her love do you think she will someday let me pet her?
    I have pet her a little but very very little

  22. Angel Rodríguez
    | Reply

    i will try that when i buy a male cacatoo…can i try that to a female

  23. The Gnostic Truth
    | Reply

    I wonder if reptilian archons don’t have similar training manuals for
    dominating mindless, simian slaves.

    Doesn’t work on everyone… does it.

  24. Aerodyll01
    | Reply

    I would love to know how to train mt cockatiel. He has a fear of hands and
    fingers and any kind of skin. Has made it impossible to really teach him

  25. Ryan5259
    | Reply

    Why did you show the kfee commercial? (With the car?)

  26. Daniel Heyhey
    | Reply

    Did you clip his wings beforehand? 

  27. S VM
    | Reply

    This cockatiel is very docile. Some will bite your finger really hard if
    you try to do this. I have 4 tamed cocktiels, but for one of them
    it took her a while before she started to trust me and not to try to bite

  28. Sydney Ooten
    | Reply

    My baby kitten died today..

  29. leen kh
    | Reply

    my bird bites REALL hard what do i do?

  30. MeeHeeCanMF
    | Reply

    I exited the page when I saw the car driving down the road. I saw that
    pop-up years ago

  31. El Toro
    | Reply

    i wonder what was edited out of the video, lol

  32. Erica Ross
    | Reply

    I remember how much my pet bird hated me, and then I taught him this, and
    he now never bites, and always is more than happy to climb on my shoulder 

  33. Özgün Demir
    | Reply

    the easiest way to tame any bird is to scratch its head, no bird can resist
    a nice long head scratch, even eagles. They may try to bite at first but
    once thet get the taste of it theyll be addicted :)

  34. Petco
    | Reply

    Great channel and video Parrot Whisperer! 

  35. Kelline Pickett
    | Reply

    I think you have to be careful purchasing birds from pet stores because one
    never knows how they were treated before they come to be in your
    possession. I prefer private breeders who can provide a bird not
    traumatized or possibly taken from it’s environment where birds tend to be
    caught en masse for the animal trade. I tried buying a couple of Budgie’s
    from my local pet store and my female would NEVER adjust to the hand
    approaching her and fled the entire time I had her, and my male bit me so
    hard he drew blood within the first couple of weeks of having him. Neither
    bird ever adjusted and both came from the pet store. However, I found a
    private dealer and purchased two more and neither had aggression or fear. 

  36. 34Floaty
    | Reply

    I almost thought this was a scare cuz of the beginning clip of the car,
    thats the clip where that thing jumps out.

  37. Sarah J. Camilleri
    | Reply

    Of course his crest is high….you’re calling him ‘it’. He’s got a right to
    be hella pissed off XD

  38. IluzionYalanci
    | Reply

    This isn’t working with my pet hawk.

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