The Best Dog Gone City

Reflection of Wee WestieDoes your city accommodate for pets? If not, maybe you should consider moving to Ellicott City, Maryland. The U.S. News & World Report believes that this is the top place for people to live with their pets. With Baltimore’s animal shelters and a 100 square mile stretch of green space, it doesn’t look too bad. How does your city rate?

Pet owners are beginning to enjoy some perks they might not have had before. For instance, not until recently did it become common to easily find dog parks or barkeries. With a few online searches, you’re bound to find some pet-related place near you. But what if you’re in one of those areas that still lack pet events and activities?

Sometimes you have to be leader and show the way so fellow pet owners can enjoy some fun too. For example, you can suggest a walk-a-thon or an adoption event to local animal shelters, especially during community celebrations. Maybe your community has local craft shows or fairs that can incorporate pets into the mix.

Another idea is to gather up local pet owners and create a group so you can host your own events. Maybe start once a week play dates where you take a walk in the park. This doesn’t take too much effort except for making phone calls, emailing and spreading the word. Before you know it, you and your pooch will have made several new friends.

If you want to make your community more pet-friendly, you need to make the topic up for discussion. Maybe speak to a local coffee shop owner and find out if it’s possible to have a pet’s night so owners can bring their dogs on leashes and sit on the outdoor patio. Or your local park might be interested in creating a fenced-in section especially for dogs. Even if you have to pay to use the area, it’s still a win-win situation when you don’t have any other pet-friendly options nearby. There are probably many local pet owners wishing they had a fun place to take their pet, but you might be the only one who has the guts to speak up.

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    Is your city pet-friendly?

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    RT @friendpets The Best Dog Gone City #pets

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    RT @friendpets: The Best Dog Gone City #pets

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    (new PetLvr post ).. The Best Dog Gone City: Does your city accommodate for pets? If not, ma..

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    Does your city accommodate for pets? .. If not, maybe you should consider moving to Ellicott City, Maryland.

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