The Basic Dog Training Commands in Various Languages

Armen has posted some basic dog training commands in various languages .. over at The Daily Dog Article blog

The English commands .. Heel, Sit, Come, Stay, Stand and Down are translated into German, Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, French and Armenian …

Do you know any commands in other foreign languages? Stop by his blog and leave a comment .. so he can update his ‘command’ table.

If you just want to train your pet in another language … “ASSIS!” (sit in French) .. okay .. go ~

That reminds me of my uncle in Alberta, who had a police dog named Peco. He was quite the smart thing and had a nose that could pick out your car keys in a box full of car keys!

Peco was also trained in a foreign language. That was many years ago, while I was growing up, and Peco was a great police dog and a great pet .. I am told.

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