Thank You For Your Patience – Move Is Almost Complete

The files have finally been copied over to the new server, and this will be the last post on the old server.

I will be changing the Nameserver to stop pointing this domain to the old ISP#2 (as I call it) to the new ISP#3 location.

As such, if you can read this post .. the nameserver changes has NOT kicked in, but should be doing so within the next 12-24 hours (or so). From experience, I have noticed that it is not an instant change and there will be some areas of the world that will be able to view the site on the new server before others are able to. Eventually, it should all work out!

Once I see the changes takes into effect myself .. I will start posting immediately on this blog.

Then .. STAGE TWO will take place .. making sure everything works and the transfers were completely successful. So if you see anything wierd or unusual .. please drop me a line – hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com – and let me know! Thanks.

Take care

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