Teaching Your Rats To Spin

Here is a video talking about how I am training my current ratties how to spin on command. I talk about the process so that you can teach your ratties too! L…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. This is completely off the “spin” topic. But how did you teach your babies
    their names? I have males so I don’t know if it’ll be different from your
    girls. But I’m genially curious on how you did it. ^-^

  2. Maddie Taylor says:

    Okay.. Ivy-Bean sure got her name quick :)

  3. Samantha Susan says:

    thanks :)

  4. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel says:

    That is honestly just something that comes with time. There really is no
    tricks to it or anything, just using their names whenever you can. It takes
    some rats longer than others to learn their names, so just keep using it!

  5. Samantha Susan says:

    do you think the super pet my first home for exotics,large or the super pet
    my first home multi-floor,large or do you have any other ideas? please
    anwser :(

  6. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel says:

    I got it used off of craigslist :)

  7. Maddie Taylor says:

    Could you do a video on how to learn the rat its name because Ivy has a
    hard time with that :

  8. love your vids, My old rat Alfons was great at spinning after awhile he
    even started spinning by himself infront of me to show me he wanted treats
    :) I miss him alot.

  9. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel says:

    I cannot tell you what cage to get, since it depends too much on your
    situation. I would suggest looking up “rat cage calculator” and using that
    to see if the cages you are interested in would fit at least two rats.

  10. xoHamsterCare101xo says:

    Loved it!!!!! I’m going to try this with my boys. They already know a
    couple of tricks but not this one!!!! Thanks for making this. Video

  11. lydie mouaziz says:

    what kind of treats do you use????? plz answer cuz i wanna start, but the
    closest pet shop gives millions of stuff…

  12. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel says:

    There are probably one of two things happening. 1) They are not completely
    comfortable with their surroundings. They may smell a potential threat, or
    they don’t trust you completely yet. 2) They just don’t like the treats you
    are using. Try giving them yogurt outside the cage, and if they don’t eat
    that, it is probably #1.

  13. Heyy, How do you keep the fleece on the bottom pan and the shelf secure?

  14. animallovin05 says:

    Idk how to spell this but whatever I miss ginie :( but love your videos :D

  15. Samantha Susan says:


  16. maskofsan1ty says:

    My rats aren’t interested in good outside of the cage so am unable to train
    them. Any thing that can be done? Have tried to restrict their favourite
    food so they only have it when with us but they would rather run around.

  17. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel says:

    You can do that if you wish, but I use bath towels to line my pans. I
    bought the cage used and it was already put together when I bought it.

  18. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel says:

    It wouldn’t matter if they were in the room or not, the rats are still
    going to smell them. That could be a problem, but most rats are ok with
    other pets, so I am not sure it that is the real problem.

  19. Kaleigh Goethe says:

    My rats are bitting eachother, and it seems like they are bitting eachother
    pretty hard. Nor do they really ever hang out together either ? And i know
    they are supposed to be together. And i definitely feel bad for myone rat
    cause she is the one that has warmed up to me and will come give me kisses
    and everything but the other is just weird and wont warm up to me. but the
    bitting just scares me cause i dont want them to get hurt and when they
    bite you can see them pulling eachothers skin :(

  20. MrMidn1ght says:

    Umm my rats dont accept treats outside the cage, even though they come out
    right away and arent afraid. What should i do?

  21. 21ev21sPets says:

    Cool.i like ur vids.please check out my vidoe of my baby rat

  22. LupDomnitor says:

    I taught my rat to do this just from verbal command, I gave her a treat
    after each time. Now she does it without me saying anything because that’s
    her way of saying ‘I want treat’ =_=

  23. Can you do a video on how you got them to learn their names? My six male
    rats are pretty dumb and lazy, and when it comes to learning, they go the
    easy way, and don’t, if they don’t have to. Lol. And how do you not confuse
    another rat with a different name?

  24. Michelle.. says:

    What did you use as treats in this video? Just wondering~

  25. MrMidn1ght says:

    First Viewer and Commenter yay awesome vid

  26. YMH de Jongh says:

    I have a question! I want to try and train my rats. but I noticed they are
    hoarders :P Whenever I give them a treat, they run to a certain spot in the
    play-area and drop the treat there. then they come running for more. Is it
    okay to do the trick again and give them more treats? or do I have to wait
    for them to eat it?

  27. happymushgloom says:

    could you please make a video on cute rat names? my friend is getting 2

  28. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel says:

    Yes! All three of my girls know their names, and they come when called!

  29. ThisPerson luvs you says:

    what kind of years do you use?

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