Teaching Your Horse To REAR!!!

Ok so this is me and Romeo’s second day of doing the trick rear! and everyone has been asking how I do it so here’s the answer in this video!! if you have an…

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28 Responses

  1. Kaitlin Clarke
    | Reply

    That’s not really a rear…

  2. Samnightingale123
    | Reply

    You should! It save my life twice and my mom’s life 8 times!

  3. ForestBurnHolly
    | Reply

    you REALLY pulled on his mouth at the end :/

  4. Chloe Robinson
    | Reply

    Yea, I agree with ur POV

  5. MegF
    | Reply

    I agree. — Why teach a horse to rear, if it isn’t a trick horse for a circus. Seems a possibly dangerous trick to teach a horse, if you ever think he might be re-homed. Using a smooch and slight pull to get a rear is something that another person in future may do without realizing that is a signal for a rear, as is not unique. A horse that rears up and knocks someone in the head is not going to end up with a happy ending. It doesn’t seem wise to teach this to a backyard horse, IMO.

  6. Hooves98
    | Reply

    Well this is good for the horse and your saftey.

  7. Angela leussink
    | Reply

    I taught my horse how to rear, but instead of doing what you did I just would reach forward with my legs and put pressure on her shoulders, and she jumped up, and when she did
    i would say jump, and I did this until she could do it by voice command.

  8. Karolina Bramwell
    | Reply

    Poor guy, I wouldnt want my head pulled back and jerked back and forth like that.

  9. TyHorsesAndRodeo11
    | Reply

    Good job, how tall are you and how tall is Romeo???? the reason im asking is because you just put you leg over and pull yourself up.

  10. xS4V4GExGHOSTx
    | Reply

    heyyour asom

  11. Kayla Clayton
    | Reply

    When your doing it you should make sure the sand in the arena in deep enough so that it doesn’t strain them to the point of lameness.

  12. H286
    | Reply

    Your gorgeous and pretty!

  13. Chloe Robinson
    | Reply

    I don’t really like teaching them to rear coz then they might think they can do it randomly while riding…

  14. KidsCucina
    | Reply

    she is not really pulling on the bit. If you heard her in the beginning she said not to pull or hold on to the rains that much. and why would he do it in a halter. you have more control when using a bridal.

  15. tantejohan
    | Reply

    wow! you really have no idea how much it hurts the horsees mouth when you pull on the bit. and there you have the reason why he does not do it in a halter. He has a choice. 

  16. Caylee Saunders
    | Reply

    Have have those same exact shorts I think haha gorgeous horse!!

  17. xcEquineCassy
    | Reply

    pause at 7:44 . would make an amazing photo

  18. heinzstoffregen
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Megan, for your very successful training. After so many attempts with just smaller ups and downs you managed to ask Romeo for a really high rear so that he could even stand and walk on his hind legs (12.14). Bravo !!!
    And your position is perfect, a true rear rider yourself.
    Thank you for that presentation.

  19. Brooke Polston
    | Reply

    If they rear when you don’t want them to what works well is instead of bending them, back them up and spin them in circles. I do trick training and at the beginning of teaching my horse to rear he would do it when i didnt want him to. Going in circles horses do not like. it helps a bunch 🙂 Gorgeous little horse by the way! Love how you mount him haha how tall is he? I’ve got a 16 hand TB!

  20. Grace Bartolotti
    | Reply

    OMG I’m in love with him! GOOOOD BOY!!! You are sooooo talented! I follow you on instagram and you are my fav horse account! Thanks

  21. 15hrsebelvr
    | Reply

    Ill definitely use this! But u said don’t be on the mouth and in the middle u were on the mouth like every time….ur supper pretty by the way!

  22. Autumn Clarke
    | Reply

    this horse isnt trained to rear very well.. he seems very confused with the signals you are giving him..

  23. Catriona Paterson
    | Reply

    Or will saddles hurt you or the horse when rearing

  24. Catriona Paterson
    | Reply

    Is it safe to rear with saddles?

  25. shaimiz12
    | Reply

    I don’t understand one thing… What you do with your legs for it do rear?

  26. XxHorseAndRiderxX21
    | Reply

    tried this today with my horse and she picked it up super quick

  27. FlipFlop2808
    | Reply

    No matter how skilled a rider is they still need a helmet. ALL horses are unpredictable. No matter if the horse has never ever done anything wrong you never know what that horse will do.

  28. sinsonte123
    | Reply

    i never where helmets. =l

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