Teaching Your Hamster How To Use A Flying Saucer

Hey guys so the link to the other video is
I hope that your hamster has a good experience with the flying saucer and if you have any questions about this video please let me know.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. How did you get to handle your hamster with such proficiency? I have a syrian and while it doesn’t bother him when I put my hand on the cage or to take food directly from my fingers, he sometimes bites me. I mean…not bite with force, but like nibs and it scares me that he will really bite me if I try to hold him.

  2. Oogle and Me says:

    THANK YOU!!! I bought my hammy a flying saucer 5 days ago and he hates it! I'm gonna try this out thanks!

  3. abbryona rockinggal says:

    this is a long time ago and only 5 comments weird

  4. Chloelovesmanatees Cameron says:

    my hamster is used to an ordinary wheel but then my dad broke it so we got a saucer all afternoon i have been trying to use it to teach my hamster Lucy this was a big help also my hamster is active but not on the whel

  5. SMITHEE 00 says:

    I put my hamster on his flying saucer and 10 minutes later he was confident running on it

  6. Imogen Jackson says:

    My hamster hasn't used an ordinary wheel before… should I use the same methods or is there anything else you would recommend?

  7. Rachel Rubio says:

    thanks for.the tips😄

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