Teaching Your Cockatiel to Talk and Whistle: Part I

Video that details the first steps to take if you want a bird that will talk and whistle.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

24 Responses

  1. theflashbluepro roblox is the best
    | Reply

    I have two and there a couple so I bought them both I don’t want to separate them

  2. Sanjai Prince
    | Reply

    Can female cocktail parrot can talk it is 5 months old

  3. Amber May
    | Reply

    I have a female but she is crazy with her squawking

  4. GracieM B
    | Reply

    I think you are ready good at teaching birds how to talk to you

  5. gerardob1414
    | Reply

    Fuck and i got to of these birds know there not going to bond with me 🙁

  6. Cat Lover Giggle Sauce
    | Reply

    I have a male and a female.they hate each other

  7. Cookies _121121
    | Reply

    I have a female cockatiel named mango

  8. andrei andrei
    | Reply

    did you clip her wings from when she was a baby? or later after she learnt how to fly?

  9. John Hansel
    | Reply

    I’m getting a cockatiel and I am so excited. I’m gonna name it pickachue

  10. Lainy Mc
    | Reply

    The comments on your tutorials sound positive, so I'd like to listen to your videos on teaching a cockatiel to whistle. Problem is, my cockatiel lives in the same room where I have my PC. My cockatiel flew over to watch with me as soon as I started your Part 1 tutorial video, but the first thing your bird did was wolf-whistle. A wolf-whistle is the LAST thing I want my bird to pick up. Cockatiels seem to pick it up quite quickly, especially from another cockatiel, but it can end up becoming obnoxious just as fast.

  11. Maddy Pritchard
    | Reply

    My cockatiel is only whistling ☹️

  12. Taliaxxo
    | Reply

    This was so cute!! ❤️🥰

  13. Saritha pavang
    | Reply

    Pls put video of taming a cockatail

  14. Amada Garcia
    | Reply

    Breaking news: we are pretty birbs

  15. Wendy Cai
    | Reply

    Where is he’s tail?

  16. HH Sass
    | Reply

    I’m getting a cockatiel today!! ❤️

  17. Maria Henselin
    | Reply

    Im getting my bird from my neigbiour on friday and i get to ho over every day snd talk and sometimes hold it its only few weeks old and IM SO EXITED ive been waiting so many months .😄😍

  18. maygen801
    | Reply

    Yay! I'm a pretty bird! Haha

  19. Wolfie Doofus
    | Reply

    I just got a cockatiel, and we've done a DNA test on it. We were leaning towards the girl side for my cockatiel because it has a series of chirps, but the chirps single out to one and break for a few seconds. Do you think I can teach my cockatiel to sing even if it's a female? She is young, 8 weeks old, and a cinnamon.

  20. Gamer_Girl Games
    | Reply

    My cockatiel is still scared of me but this video alone made him Whistle when I played it!!!

  21. kam4982927
    | Reply

    2019? Anyone..?

  22. Kass
    | Reply

    Hi 😊 just wanted to ask what type/kind of toys does cockatiels want? Thank you 😊

  23. Razeen Mustafiz
    | Reply

    I just got my cockatiel a week ago but whenever I even come close to it it hisses at me and starts screaming

  24. Well swiggity swooty You found my channel
    | Reply

    I have that same cage!!

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