Teaching the Come Command to Your Dog

Teaching the Come Command to Your Dog

By Justine Kay

The come command is a very useful and very important skill as it can get your dog quickly out of a difficult or dangerous situation. If your dog will instantly turn away from what it’s doing and return to you, then you have a safety mechanism continually at your finger-tips. As with all training, you should begin in a quiet location with few distractions (probably inside your own home), then increase the distractions as the new exercise becomes more familiar to your dog.

You should have lots of treats ready for this training technique – it is essential to reward your dog IMMEDIATELY he exhibits the correct behaviour. He will not remember what he’s just done if you leave it too long, by searching in your pocket or a bag, so you should have the treat already in your hand, anticipating his obedience. When he masters the command, you should give him his favourite treat straight away and praise him.

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