Teaching Parrots to Step Up and Down

Teaching Parrots to Step Up and Down – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When teaching your bird to step up the most important thing to do is to make…

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31 Responses

  1. Gail Florence
    | Reply

    Love the old rope perch idea. Most birds, even rescued ones are used to
    these. Not as scary as a stick.

  2. Mirjam Larissa Stüken
    | Reply

    My parrot is very used to my hand. I can handfeed him and touch him, but he
    won’t step up. He likes to ‘hold’ my hand or finger with one claw (what
    does this mean?), but he will not sit on my hand. I even tried to lure him
    with food in the other hand 🙁 What to do?

  3. brianna hund
    | Reply

    How do you train it not to fly away when your exercising it?

  4. Najeedah Elaheebucus
    | Reply


  5. Christian Cintron.
    | Reply

    What cage do you have? I am about to purchase two african treys and need to
    know a cage thats big enough for the two of them. Thank you

  6. MrPet Boy
    | Reply

    How much do they cost?

  7. Becky Thomas
    | Reply

    My parrot always wants to bite us whenever we come close I want to teach
    him and touch him but he won’t let me

  8. Alex Nieves
    | Reply

    Great video!

  9. virtualworldvixen
    | Reply

    this is a really good video, thanks! 

  10. the bookies nightmare
    | Reply

    GOOD GIRL :)

  11. talal el bishry
    | Reply

    Calm down lady it was eating !!

  12. abdo sultan
    | Reply

    I tried many time to do it and he stll wanna dig on my hand

  13. Sara Ali
    | Reply

    I can’t do this

  14. fairfresh
    | Reply

    Yup 🙂

  15. Ale121
    | Reply

    my bird is new, I’ve had him for about a week and a half… I am having
    trouble making him step up, he’ll see my hand and “run” away but he will
    let me pet him and touch him and he will glide to my shoulder when he
    wants. What can I do you stop him from moving away from my hand? He doesn’t
    like treats either =/ he is about 10 weeks old

  16. rfzfsh
    | Reply

    how did you teach your bird the “lets fly” trick?

  17. Imam Abdullah
    | Reply

    will it work for budgies ??

  18. thomasdill88
    | Reply

    Can you please contact me and I will give you my phone number at

  19. Ussy502
    | Reply

    I wish I could do that with my parakeet

  20. fockyerdod3r
    | Reply

    budgies are bunch of insane killer. i had a bad time with budgie. they bite
    at every fucking possible moment. they are fucking mental!!!

  21. عبدالله السماوي
    | Reply


  22. saeaid
    | Reply

    مو راضي i can’t he pite me

  23. jenniferstackell
    | Reply

    well presented !

  24. geobeats
    | Reply

    Has anyone been able to teach their parrot to do this? Tell us about it.

  25. juliekate kunich
    | Reply

    i did it but my bird bit me on the first time

  26. CircleofAwesome
    | Reply

    dude! you can! my conure that i had for 9 years hated me but 5 days ago
    when i started playing with it, i was also teaching it and now today! the
    14 of august my parrot finally stepped up!!!!!! 😮

  27. Hen Schum
    | Reply

    Are you always so friendly or is that only against you birds?

  28. Gamen met Delano
    | Reply

    when i do it. he wonna bite me ;(

  29. koko16739
    | Reply

    wow she has 3 parrots

  30. Laura McKenzie
    | Reply

    In Australia, African Greys are approximately $1500.

  31. Sue Deffler
    | Reply

    Consider adopting one from a rescue organization. Much cheaper and they
    need homes!

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