Teaching A Rat To “Read”

This trick is actually something I saw in one of Abby Roesers videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LMgkGesoVI) a long time ago, and I finally decided to try and train it. Basically, the premise is that the cue card/s motion and position tell the rat exactly what you want them to do, while the words written on the card make it seem like the rat is “reading”. Its a very cute and impressive looking trick, and is actually quite easy to train.

Basically, you decide on your routine (in my case, spin, up onto bowl, then spin again), and have your rat perform the action from known hand-signals. Once they can do the whole routine as you cue them, its time to set up your new cue, the card itself. So you gradually introduce the cue next to your pre-existing cue. And after your rat understand the new cues, you just back chain them together to make one trick!

– Riding High: http://www.purple-planet.com/cute/459…

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  1. dizzyh3art Is cool says:

    Oml this is so cute

  2. Ayyy It's Arianna! says:

    Are your rats girls?

  3. Jeanna Peterson says:

    I LOVE this trick and the rats

  4. AnimalLifestyle says:

    Great video

  5. Rats are so cool!!!

  6. Caitlyn Coble SFM says:

    I had my rat Luna on my shoulder while watching this. Maybe she'll get the idea, haha! Seriously though, this is adorable, and fantastic!

  7. Lightning Leopard says:

    the most funny thing happened to me yesterday. i have been watching a bunch of rat videos so i no the basics of taking care of them and my sister had a rat like 2 years ago but the rat was meant for feeding snakes but she didn't want it to die. anyways my other sister has a hamster cage that would be good for rats and i said " if i get a cage like that for my rat im going to need a hammock for it and she said " no because rats dont like to climb" now i know why that rat she had died after a few days. ( she also gave it hamster food and put it in a very small cage ad acts like she knows how to take are of them.)

  8. Absolutely adorable :)

  9. mark hampson says:

    Where do you find the music for your clips??

  10. Lucia Patino says:

    Can u please make a video on how to train this

  11. Chloe And Bella says:

    This is very cool! I loved the result though 😂😍😘😘

  12. Joanna Falkowska says:

    What do you use for treats? I use teeny tiny pieces of dried banana but maybe you can recommend something less sweet and easier to use but similarly satisfying?

  13. Golden Gray says:

    How early can a rat start to be trained? Do you recommend a certain age?

  14. Gacha_Imogen Imogen_Gacha says:

    Should I try this with my rats? They are only 12 weeks old!

  15. Saba’s Channel says:

    Why do you dip your treats in water?

  16. Katarzyna Stupak says:

    Super,! L love your rats 😚 💕

  17. Cool video! Keep up the great work!

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