Teaching a parakeet to perch on your hand

This video explains how you can teach a parakeet to perch on your finger.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

28 Responses

    | Reply

    What is food name

  2. Potato Haynes
    | Reply

    my mum just got 4 birds that were abandoned at this house and ig no one interacted with the b4 bc they bit the shit out of my brother then flew out of the cage. that was a fun day cathing birds that biye

  3. ew steph
    | Reply

    I have a European goldfinch and he's super small and shy. Sometimes when I approach him he flies away and he has a big cage so it's really impossible for me to do anything. Also my parents are scared of it out of the cage cause it will fly but I wanna get a room especially for training my bird. I have gotten to get one foot up on my finger and touch his belly but when I offer his favorite food he doesn't trust me

  4. مدخل لعالم الربح من النت
    | Reply

    well i taught them how to perch, but the problem is they remain scared and fly away as soon as they finish eating !!

  5. Sonia Soto
    | Reply

    I have two male budgies and I've been working with one to step up for 3 months and the newest one for 2 months. They will step in my hand to eat millet and nibble my fingers being very comfortable, but when I put my hand in the cage w/o millet, they are skiddish. I'm not sure why that is or what I can do about it. Can someone help me with this?

    | Reply

    When I got my baby bird it just let me touch it

  7. Gr8 Teagazr
    | Reply

    Mine is on her way to me as I type this. Her suite is ready, and I can hardly wait!

  8. Just Cailey
    | Reply

    Siri looks like my rio, once rio had settled in his new cage he was already familiar with my hands around the cage as in changing water and that so when I tried this he stepped up right away 😉

  9. Chelsea's Journey
    | Reply

    I have 2 peach faced lovebirds. I used to have 3. My parents got them from a kijiji seller that wanted nothing to do with them anymore. Their cat would always reach its claw into the cage and try to grab them. So, my parents bought them. After about a year, 2 died at the age of 1. We couldn't just have 1 (Skittles) because they mate for life, so we bought another bird (Tiki). Skittles has always bitten us, and we have to use gloves to touch him. He is very protective of tiki, and as soon as I open the cage, he rushes to her and makes sure we don't touch her. Thats not ideal, because she was brought up in a pet store, where they didn't hold her. She won't let me anywhere near her, and I've tried for a year. Someone, please let me know how I can tame them. Also, their diet only consists of a sunflower seed and other seed assortment. We have tried fruit a few times and they WON'T eat them! They are very picky. It concerns me because I know they should be have a good selection of fruits, seeds and veggies. A major reason why we can't buy seed assortments with dried fruit is because, I am severely allergic to peanuts, and every seed and fruit bag I've seen has nuts in it. The birds seem to be healthy and happy, although we don't take them out very much. They always fly upstairs and then we can't get them down, or they're pooping everywhere. Tiki is now 1, turning 2 December 21, and Skittles is 2, turning 3 on August 26. Please let me know how to tame them! Thank you so much 🙂

  10. Puggy The Dog
    | Reply

    My bird doesn't like millet, what do I do?

  11. TigerPlays
    | Reply

    I got my parakeet a parrot cage cuz i thought it would like a big home she doesnt even bite and she lets me pet her

  12. SGT_Sonic Does Gaming
    | Reply

    i recently got a parakeet, i'd say 3 or 4 days ago and she is getting used to me pretty fast. Her name is angel she is white and a baby so right now is pry the best time to do this while they are young so when she grows old she is already used to me…. This video helped a lot so thank you, your budgies are very cute :3

  13. xSkrt Gaming
    | Reply

    I got my two parakeets from pet smart and the green one bit my brother and maybe that's why it's scared of my brother and me and the blue one is more calm

    | Reply

    My bird sits on my shoulder

  15. Five Girls
    | Reply

    well when i got my first parakeets in the first couple hours they already stands on my hand

  16. ItzzMeNik
    | Reply

    I have three parakeets and I used to be able to let one perch on my finger and the other two were in a separate cage since the new one was a baby, but when we put her in that cage with those ones she didn't let anybody touch her like the other ones.

  17. Lps National
    | Reply

    what if they bit you

  18. Joy the Ballerina
    | Reply

    Now he's wild😑

  19. Joy the Ballerina
    | Reply

    Yep I hay those "things"

  20. Nathan Sarfo
    | Reply

    thx I taught my bird this way

  21. The gaming Muffin
    | Reply

    My budgie is very strange and she does step up in side the cage but not when she's out side the cage and it's such a pain getting her back in the cage plz help :/

  22. B11tanki
    | Reply

    What happens if my Parakeet bites me? he's not really scared of my hand because he doesn't move away or start randy flying.

  23. Roberto Escobar
    | Reply

    they say toys are a must yet not one of my budgies cares for toys 1 loves the mirror though others don't see the excitment

  24. Roberto Escobar
    | Reply

    it's funny always seeing the same toys

  25. Saji Thomas
    | Reply

    umm i have bird seed on my hand and they first go away then theyeat off my hand but they dont like millet how do i this and every time i come there so annoying and scream alot and when ever i clean the cage they always go on my hand even though I DONT WANT THEM THERE so hpw do i fix this

  26. Daniel Sutterfield
    | Reply

    What if my bird is an asshole

  27. Lolol Y
    | Reply

    This helped me with my parakeet perch

  28. Jose Salazar
    | Reply

    I got mine from outside.(right outside my house)
    Does it act differently if I got it that way?

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