Teaching A Horse To Jump – This Is A Mule – Why Horses Jump Fences

This video is about people teaching horses to jump and then asking me how to fix their horse because he jumps fences and has to be locked up.

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16 Responses

  1. BreyerNorth Rescue
    | Reply

    Horse jumping isn't all that bad it's how you train the horse what to jump and when it's okay to jump. Just saying.

  2. lindsey r40
    | Reply

    My instructor puts spurs on me sometimes. They aren’t big, but that doesn’t make up for them being spurs. The horse I ride (who isn’t mine) works better and I communicate with my legs better when I use them. When I don’t use them he tries to take control at times but usually he’s pretty good. Is it wrong to use spurs? I want to know anyone’s opinion

  3. magic.of. horses
    | Reply

    This is the most stupidest thing I’ve EVER heard. Do you hear yourself?

  4. Mary Krannig
    | Reply

    Our mules here are trained to jump over a fence with a blanket laid over it. And that mule is trained with cues and will only jump when given the cues.

  5. Becky Alexander
    | Reply

    My horse knows his territory and will stay in if his 6 foot stallion fence comes down. He has an open door policy because he hates bring locked up. And, yes, he can jump 6 feet.

  6. Gabi Tsolinas
    | Reply

    What do you think of alycia burton?

  7. Meg Meister
    | Reply

    When I go in shows I do it to have fun and bond with my horse I don’t go there to get a ribbon and Cody likes jumping….

  8. Scilla Scilla
    | Reply

    He calls people idiots but does he hear what he’s saying

  9. Lærke Nielsen
    | Reply

    I wouldn’t say that they don’t like jumping, my horse is an old retired jumping horse and every time he sees a jump he lights up. He’s never happier then when he’s jumping

  10. Mystic Joy
    | Reply

    Okay, so what about my horse, that I ride english on the flat, that jumps the five foot fence of her massive pasture. Before I got her she was a barrel racer and trail horse. She has never jumped in her entire life. I just put her in the pasture and hope she doesn't jump out.

  11. SeeBee123 3
    | Reply

    My horse is a jumper and I don’t get why people complain about how their jumper horse is jumping fences. My jumper doesn’t try to jump out of his fence A.) because he is a little lazy when he is turned out because he like relaxing. And B.) because he has a huge field that he can run and play in with other horses

  12. Jesse Eventing
    | Reply

    My show jumper only jumped his jumps not fences I could put them out in pasture and he’ll be fine he wouldn’t jump the fence

  13. Janice Johnson
    | Reply

    Excellent advice…

  14. shartzoge
    | Reply

    Truth ! You are awesome

  15. Heather Linnenkohl
    | Reply

    You've made some very good points. I found this video very amusing and enlightening! 😂

  16. Heather Linnenkohl
    | Reply


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