Teach your Parrot to say Hello! (No Background Noise)

Train your Parrot to say Hello!
Enhanced audio made just for your pet companion!
They will be saying Hello in no time!

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Attar Singh says:

    Will this work for lovebirds

  2. Conure Care 101 says:

    Does this work for conures

  3. -TyPlaysForLife - says:

    does this work for quakers , and how long Will i have to put this on for and why is there so much space between the words???

  4. Will this work for Lovebirds? As I'm considering getting one as I used to have a Budgie but he passed away.
    Lovebirds are meant to be very intelligent but quite quiet birds, so I was wondering if this would work!

  5. Mirza Abid Ispahani says:

    will it work for cockatiel birds as I have two and want to train them to say HELLO.

  6. Radhika Jani says:

    In your video my parrots are sleeping

  7. Melisa Indriksone says:

    Does it work for a budgie?

  8. Elpexo Jordan rees says:

    Does this work for Green-cheeked Parakeets? +Bird School

  9. Gaming With AM says:

    please help, my African grey is a growler will he learn words, plz answer

  10. Gaming With AM says:

    I go t a new African grey parrot today, he starts screaming when anyone comes near him. Should I play him this or should I wait?

  11. The animal Lover says:

    Does this work for cockatiels?

  12. Rocky Eurbin says:

    does this work for sun conures?

  13. Arabelle Ortaleza says:

    How about talking martinez bird in Philippines? Does it work? I have almost 1year bird but still not talking. Help meeee!

  14. Luqman Purdasy says:

    in how many days will my cockatiel say HELLO

  15. TriQShoTinGModz X says:

    Okay well this is weird I've used this for months on all 5 of my birds but no they don't even listen to someone farting and they manage to imitate that instead it's hilarious though

  16. Lulu - لولو says:

    Please help me that didn't help

  17. Lulu - لولو says:

    That didn't help my parrot what should I do please help me

  18. Nathan Carroll says:

    worked for my blue quaker.i had to stop using the other videos with the background birds cause he was getting stressed but this one is dope

  19. Does this work for parakeets

  20. Starlight The NightWing says:

    OMG thank you so much I have been trying to find a video to teach my bird to say "hello"

  21. Jerry The Cake says:

    Does this actually work?

  22. DanoGamer s says:

    OMG… this what i was waiting for. THANK YOU SO MUCH
    My bird will thank you later

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