Teach your Parrot to say Hello!

Train your Parrot to say Hello!
Enhanced audio made just for your pet companion!
They will be saying Hello in no time!

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Cece Ramirez says:

    This made my budgie think there was another bird , which led to him fully going into the food💀

  2. Danny Benitez doe says:

    Does this work on a Quaker parrot?

  3. MacaroonMorgan says:

    Doing this with my grandmas bird he won’t say anything but make a really loud squeak

  4. quad off roader says:

    Does it work on a sun canure

  5. Venetia Spencer says:

    My young Budgie Finn knows one word that he yells off and on every few hours. "CAT!"
    The first couple times he did it I raced into the room and there was a cat in there, not threatening him, but there. Now he does it when he wants me in the room. I've been trying to ignore him, but that one time I do. You know, too risky.
    So I thought it would be good to learn other words I can give good reactions to so he'll only scream cat when he might actually be in danger.
    Hello would be nice.
    I'd really like to teach him to say "You're beautiful!" Sing it even. Cheer me up daily. ;)

  6. When I play this video my Amazon just sits there and screams,I think its all the background sound.

  7. Emilie and Chiyu Awesome People!! says:

    My bird fell asleep 😂

  8. Emilie and Chiyu Awesome People!! says:

    I have parakeet… I wonder if this works

  9. does it work on a galah??

  10. Amber Gillen says:

    My birds games talk

  11. Conrad Odom says:

    all my cockatiel is doing is trying to eat the birds on the screen lol

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