Teach your ferret to spin to a word or hand signal

Learn to teach your ferret to spin when you say a word command, Rom is deaf so she learnt a hand signal instead.

Ram and Rom are brother and sister albino ferrets, we got them from a ferret rescue and they are around 6 months old in the video.

We did training sessions of 5 minutes each, it took Rom four sessions to get to the point at the end of the video and took Ram six sessions to learn. I’m using raw turkey mince as a treat.

There will be many more tutorial videos on the way, including teaching bunny hop, so please subscribe!

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6 Responses

  1. AleBurge
    | Reply

    wow this is amazing and so cute!! but now I feel dizzy lol

  2. Rick Conner
    | Reply

    Thank you for these teaching┬ávideos…

  3. Weekly Whiskers
    | Reply

    Nicely done!

  4. 1lovescats
    | Reply

    Bravo! I love every bit of this video. Thank you for this. I have 2 deaf babes (as well as 5 hearing babes); so, the clarification was great.

  5. M
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video, it's really useful! I'm going to try this with my own ferret.

  6. NinielLost
    | Reply

    Good video, thank u.
    Is Rom deaf cos she was ill when she was younger?

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