Teach your cat SIT – Tutorial – BEGINNER

Tutorial on how to teach your cat to sit on cue. Let me know how your cat is doing by using the comment section below. Look for my other videos, thanks for S…

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28 Responses

  1. breezebro
    | Reply

    I’ve successfully trained my cat to completely ignore me.

  2. Rage_Quit
    | Reply

    My cat immediately stands on two legs if I do the treat over head thing XD

  3. Kuro Neko
    | Reply

    amazing i will try it with my daughter!!

  4. Katie Marie Farabaugh
    | Reply

    I taught my cat how to sit by holding my hand over his head, and then I
    taught him to give me his paw. Now when I say sit and hold my hand over his
    head he sits and gives me his paw when I don’t ask for his paw.

  5. The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc
    | Reply

    You CAN train your cat. Check out this video on training your cat to sit…
    and then see the one on skateboarding! http://youtu.be/l_UD2ZMNGR8

  6. Dylon McCranie
    | Reply

    When ever I have the food or treats the other cats run over to him and
    scratch on the door

  7. CuteKittenLover
    | Reply

    that cat is like my cat but i didn’t train her that way my way was
    different i love cats

  8. BlueAlpaca
    | Reply

    Hehe, my cats always seem bored and sleep all day, now they have something
    to do! 😀 lol we got a clicker because we are getting a Goldie puppy in a
    few weeks – while we wait why not try this lol

  9. Ysabel Castillo
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot,Minou follow me walking every morning,but never sit,….I’m
    gona do with her….thanks…and is beautiful everything you do with dogs
    and cats….

  10. InfinitySnow Leopard
    | Reply

    I’ll try, cause my cat sits when she wants to. so i’ll update this tomorrow

  11. holly L
    | Reply

    Teaching a cat to sit I’ve heard it all now, lmao. I can see the cat just
    staring at you like, you sit.

  12. NurseJoyFan789
    | Reply

    Where did you get the clicker?

  13. Ornella Tortorici
    | Reply

    Ok, I’ve just teach my cat “sit” and he understood it very well. I just go
    to the step on the ground.
    When he will perfectly mastered the exercise, I’ll go to another exercise,
    such as “stay”. And I wonder if I have to do only sessions of the new
    exercise or alternate between those that he masters and those he is still
    learning, during the week or the day,… What do you recommend to me ?

  14. Camryn Rozario
    | Reply

    Can u use cat treats

  15. Luisa Calè
    | Reply

    My two cats are two years old now. Could they still learn this?

  16. xXDukeOfWupAssXx
    | Reply

    Where do i download this command?

  17. yewarrhorez
    | Reply

    How long should you practice each step and how many times a day?

  18. Amanda Durkin
    | Reply

    Great videos! Any news on the boundary training video or am I just not
    seeing it? I really need to be able to train our youngest to not go
    outside. He shows no fear and will dash out at full speed. Not good where
    we live, there are LOTS of coyotes around.

  19. Vie Cindy
    | Reply

    Hey +CATMANTOO , I uploaded a video in response to this tutorial. Hope you
    can check it out. This is the link to the video My cats sit on cue Thanks
    a lot for this tutorial, very clear instructions. 

  20. Ismael Munoz
    | Reply

    motherfucker has a cat on a leash.. that seems so unnatural

  21. Johnny Blazee
    | Reply

    When is the proper age to start training my cat ? 

  22. SuperMouseDV
    | Reply

    What do I do when my cat does not like moist food or treats? Actually she
    likes nothing but dry food but will not take it from my hand or being
    placed in front of her . You should see when we try to give her any food
    most of the time she acts like she is going to puke . Odd ball kitty but
    any help would be appreciated she is smart and understands a few verbal
    commands. Thanks . 

  23. Royza
    | Reply

    Did this yesterday and today and my 9 week old kitten already gets it 😀
    …when should I move on to the next trick, and what trick should I try to
    teach her next? Thank you so much for these tutorials!

  24. Manowar Sewell
    | Reply

    What can we use in replace of the clicker?

  25. Maria James
    | Reply

    how does the clicker effect the training?

  26. Sanchara
    | Reply

    Do you have any advice on getting your cat to remain seated? My boy sits
    well and will “wait” with a verbal countdown when we do agility practice
    but when I want him to sit to have his collar put on he will sit and then
    instantly turn into Squirmy McSquirmybutt when I go to buckle up his
    collar, which results in his hair getting caught in the buckle and creating
    a negative association with the whole process.

  27. Molly Feile
    | Reply

    My cat will sit, but only when it pleases his fancy to obey me. I’ll try

  28. Noa Arazi
    | Reply

    See that he has been trained.

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