Teach your cat how to sit

Very basic and simplified video on how to teach your cat how to sit. Cats can learn behaviors just like dogs can. It just takes practice, a little incentive, and persistence.
This video can be used to teach biological concepts such as trial and error, habituation, and conditioning.

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3 Responses

  1. Love To Train
    | Reply

    hey don't yell at your cat. most cats hate loud noises. and at first you lure don't just yell at them random words because they think you are getting on to them

  2. emilyreeves
    | Reply

    maybe stroke your cat when it does something right if you do not give it a treat. without a treat they might LOSE INTEREST.

  3. Devin Schott
    | Reply

    I have cat treats that my cat loves THIS HELPED VERY MUCH THANK YOU I will try this with my cat right now

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